Looking for ideas to use/test on upcoming range time.

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  1. I'll be going to an indoor range in a week or two and am looking for suggestions on the kind of things to do and test at the range. I shot my new .380acp for the first time earlier this month at the CCW class and range. I shot 100 rounds and all went well except it was shooting a little low. I'm going to the range soon to practice and break in the weapon more.

    I plan on adjusting the sights at the range as needed. I got the HP basically for home and family protection, so what would be a good target distance to use, off hand I was thinking maybe 10 to 15 yards? Another thing I wanted to do was to test the 3 clips I got from MOM to shake down/adjust the feeding lips. I also got three different brands of ammo from the original shoot so I wanted to test each for reliably feeding.

    What else would be a good idea to do and test at the range?
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    You have a reasonable plan in trying out your mags and testing a couple different brands of ammo. I'd go with 7-10 yards (20-30 feet) for starters, maybe put one out at 15 to stretch yourself a bit. For shooting low, make sure it isn't you before you do anything to your sights (actually, I don't even know if your sights will adjust vertically). You may be dropping a bit when you pull the trigger. If you have snap caps, alternate a few with live rounds. Fire a live round, then see if your gun drops when you pull the trigger on the snap cap.

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    I'm no expert here but this is what I did with my CCW gun:

    10 feet, 15 feet and 30 feet.

    Mind you it's a 2 1/2 inch barrel.....

    At 10 feet headshots, 15 feet upper chest area and 30 feet center mass.

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    If it is going to be a house gun, you should be targeting at 10 to 15 feet, not yards. Measure the longest hallway or largest room in your house, or largest open space in your house, where you could come in contact with an intruder. Even on the street it will be a close encounter with the bad guy.
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    I am a bit worried about SWAGA, pink targets? :D
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    It was breast cancer awareness month at the range and y'all know how much I like the tata's ......
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    On a related note, before doing any specific training drills make sure that it is in line with the range rules. For instance, one range sometimes I go to allows double taps but not tripples or mag dumps.

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    If you're shooting someone at 15 yards, you better be able to prove to the police they were a threat.
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    Ok, you had me worried there for a second.:D
  10. Appreciate the suggestions guys. Think I'll keep the targets around 10 to 30 feet and will be using three different mags and three different brands of ammo. Hopefully will be going in a few days.
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    I like to hang two small targets (instead of 1 large) and practice double taps left to right, right to left, etc
  12. Good idea, I'll try that next time. Thanks