looking for info on Tippmann air soft

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  1. I keep seeing the Tippmann P90 (model f9-700) on-line but nobody seems to provide any info on it. Does anyone know if it has metal gear box? Is it a good value at $80?
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    Tippmann P90? It does not exist. The markers you are seeing are custom made from airsoft guns, heavily modified to look like a p90. They are cheap flemsy plastic shells that fit over the action of the paintball gun. Very similar to the bullpup stocks for the ruger 10/22, they suck as well. And if anyone has one they think is not crap, send it to me, and let me see it.

  3. though I now see Dick's and everybody else seems to have dropped them which may be a good indicator of the quality on it...
  4. well got an e-mail back from Tippmann and it's a plastic gear box but it holds 200 bbs. 'Course I can get a plastic gear P90 for less than half that or the fun metal gear Crosman mp5 for $20 more so looks like the Tippmann isn't worth it