Looking for PINK!

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  1. The wife says I cant buy anymore guns until she gets hers..

    Looking for my options in Pink pistols. Would like it to be a autoloader in .380 or 9mm (prefered).

    She has looked at the taurus and liked it but she said it is to big for her hands??? lets see them guys lol
  2. They had a Taurus PT 9mm with pink grips at the local Academy here in West Houston the other day when I bought my Taurus PT .45.
    It wasn't bad looking... I know my girlfriend would have liked it...

  3. Could you get her to settle for this?[​IMG]

    It's only $13.95--it'll hardly bust your ammo budget!

  4. AndrewST

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    Ahahahaha! That was great, gave me a little bit of a laugh.

    On a more serious note...

    Buy her a new shiny pistol and just slap some ping grips on it...
  5. Maybe something along the lines of a Beretta Bobcat in .32, 25, or .22? Dura Coat is a great product and can bring pink to any gun. Good luck!
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  7. I got a Taurus PT 22 for the wife a month or so ago. Shoots very well and its girly looking but doesn't have the pink grips.
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  9. Thanks for all of the replies guys. With the sive we were looking at a pt111 pro. I would like to shy away from the .22 pistols. I have one for her already (not pink but hey for a 100$ is a nice plinker). This will be her night stand gun (back up for the 870). And also a cary piece for her CCW......

    Hoping to go with nothing smaller than a 9mm but might have to settle with a .380?????

    Agian thanks for all the leads guys I will show them all to her and see if she cn make up her mind on what she likes?????
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    Walther has a P-22 Pink. The entire polymer frame is pink.
  11. Mrs. Krippp

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    Seriously, she really wants a PINK gun? I would be pissed if krippp ever thought about getting me a pink gun. If you get her one make sure the gun fits her and not the color. Good luck
  12. WHOA!!! PWNED!!!!

    LMAO! Thanks for the input Mrs. Krippp.
  13. Ari

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    Charter Arms makes a little 38 in pink

  14. My girlfriend wants a pink gun as well. I've yet to take her to the range, even though she's requested a visit. I will soon. But my range is outdoors and it's already so bloody hot. Almost hit 100 today. Yuck!
  15. Really?

    I have smallish (short but wide) hands and my wife's Pink PT111MilPro seems smallish in my hands-- but it is a nice shooter--
    My wife has longer --more elegant hands (ie she has Gweneth Paltrow hands to my Elton John mitts) and she actually wants to get a .45--

    Who am I to deny her her wants?!?!

    Any woman who likes and wants a .45 deserves it-- I know what she is getting for her B-Day..

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    Gander Mountain has the Taurus Millenium Pro Semi-Auto in a .32 ACP, . 380 Auto or 9mm. Pink polymer grip with stainless slide.

  17. bloody awesome! I've got the Taurus Millenium Pro .45, but it's not pink....