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  1. Visper

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    I packed my daughters lunch for her last night, just like I have every other night before a school day. I put in her sandwich, snack, pretzels and an apple like always... went to get her juice box and damn... box was empty... we have a 12 pack of soda we keep in the fridge, we're not big soda drinkers but from time to time I see nothing wrong with it. I pack one of those (orange Fanta if you must know!!)

    My daughter comes home from school today and tells me, "Daddy, I got in trouble today, my teacher said I am not allowed to have soda. Juice boxes, water and milk are allowed in school", "the next time I bring it in I will get a demerit".

    I held my tongue and talked it over with my wife after my daughter went to go play (she is 10 btw). I want to send a strongly worded letter basically saying they have zero right to tell me or my family what to eat or drink. If anything soda isn't much worse than the juice boxes we send with her. But that is irrelevant, they have no right as long as what she is drinking or eating isn't illegal!!

    I can understand the school not selling soda and going with the Michelle Obama menu, that is their right to sell what they want in their cafeteria. But I can't see them being able to tell us what to pack in our kids lunch.

    This is a charter school in Philadelphia just to clarify.

    Am I off base here? Is there a reason I should not be pissed? So I am asking you guys, what would you all do? We do have some very smart/wise members here (and smart a**es too but I digress!!). Your insight is welcome on this.
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    I had a similar issue with my boys and their school for the exact same thing when we ran out of hugs. My letter was to inform then that they are not the parent of my child nor do they have any say over my child's diet and if they had even bothered to look, the soda I sent in was caffeine free ginger ale. I also lectured them on the fact that I was diabetic and knew exactly what I was doing with my children and what they ate since the school insisted that I was not promoting a healthy diet if I gave them soda on a regular basis.

  3. Visper

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    But if if you look at it, there really isn't much of a difference between juice/hugs and soda...

    Want to hear something else funny. The school nurse told me last year when I went in to pick her up when she was sick one day "You know your daughter should only drink water and milk at her age, due to the fact that children spend more time in front of a computer or TV". So I said, "how about they drink what they want (within reason) and tell them to go outside and play for a few hours a day instead?", "you guys are promoting the wrong thing..."

    It just makes me shake my head...
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    I would have been mad, and the school would be getting a letter or a call for sure
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    We had a local school here in Ohio that furnished each 5th grade student a tablet to take home with them to assist in their homework. After several weeks, it was discovered that the IT director was able to listen in & video record from the tablets while at home? Now the school believes they need to know what is going on in the home too.
  6. MaryB

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    I would send them a letter telling them that what your child eats is none of their business! They are there to educate them, not raise them!
  7. Visper,you tell that school that YOU,as a Parent will pack your kids lunch.Stand up.Take the heat.As ridiculous as it sounds.
    We always used to make our kids lunches.They ate what we had on hand and its was always good.
    Sounds like Philly ain't what it used to be.
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    Thanks for your responses guys/gals. At least I'm not crazy, well at least not in that way!! I'm going to type up a letter and email it.

    I told my daughter I was going to send a letter in with her to give to her teacher, but she was scared... she doesn't want to get in trouble. She's a good kid, very respectful of her elders. So I will not put her through that. She knows not to talk back, but to come and tell me and "Daddy will take it from there".

    If the email doesn't work I will call and set up a meeting with the school.

    I'm still kind of steamed about this... this is how it starts right, take away the little freedoms and work their way up. "Teach" the kids to think its ok to be told what to think, what to eat/drink.
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  9. Visper

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    I heard about something like that around here also, the school was sued...
  10. dynapoint

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    Same thing happened in Pennsylvania (and the school district's insurance carrier settled the lawsuits for something like a million bucks). NYC too. People shoulda gone to jail for that (peeping tom, and if they were recording anything there were probably instances of creating child porn, if a kid undressed while the computer was open). But our society doesn't have much stomach for prosecuting authority figures.
  11. Visper

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    Yup, exactly what I said. I don't like sue happy society, but this one was DEFINITELY well deserved!!
  12. Hermitt

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    IIRC, some time back there was discussion on schools that were asking the students if their parents had guns in their homes.
  13. Visper

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    This just happened to me when I took my daughter to the doctors for her wellness visit about 3 months ago. They asked me to leave so they could talk to her. According to my daughter they asked her some "female" related things but also asked if her father had any firearms in the home, how many and if they were secured...

    She said only a hunting rifle that he keeps locked up. I have her trained well!!

    I wouldn't put it past the schools no a days though...

    Indoctrination, get em while they are young and pliable!! Being a parent now a days is harder than ever.
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  14. moona11

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    When ever we have a issue with the school I just walk in there in uniform and start asking the principle questions. He was a weasel dock. Glad he left the district. He tried to give my oldest detention for putting a bully on the ground with a pressure point. This was after he told the teacher about the bully breaking a kids glasses. After our little talk my son didn't have any detention. And the school board and newspaper got a letter about how the school allows bullies.
  15. Think1st

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    You have every reason to be angry that the school administration would dare to tell you, the parent, what is suitable to put into your child's lunch. The school is not footing the bill, and they have no right to dictate what you feed your daughter. It is within their purview to decide what food products can be sold on their grounds, but that authority stops where it comes to deciding what food items can be brought onto the grounds.

    These are the underlying foundations of your argument against the school's actions, and you should make them very clear in the email that you send. Furthermore, you should make it very clear that any attempt, by the school administration, to use disciplinary action against your daughter as a means of silencing your protest, will not be tolerated. These weasly little animals do seem to have a habit of doing that, and a free consultation with an attorney may be worth having in order to determine the likelihood of a lawsuit being feasible. If that doesn't work, then you can embarrass them by going to the media if they don't yield. Stories like this have a tendency to spread pretty quickly and to make schools backtrack on their policies.

    May justice be realized.
  16. Visper

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    Yeah, most parents are just as afraid of the teachers as the kids... at least it seems that way... they just go along with what they say...

    Like Mary said they are there to teach our kids, not raise them!!

    I just wanted to make sure I wasn't overreacting, which everyone has enforced that I was not.

    I had a moment of weakness...
  17. slade601

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    I remember the last years of high school they removed all drinks besides juice and water from the machines outside. The home ec class were also no longer allowed to sell their Delicious Rice Krispie treats or anything like it. We use to be able to buy candy bars, chips, and beef jerky at break but it was all replaced with cereal bars and such. Friend actually made a good profit selling energy drinks to people after that during break...
  18. Visper

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    Both these points were in my email, along with a few others. I'll save the taking it further after I get a response.

    You should have seen how angry I was getting while I was typing the email... profanity came to mind but I kept it civil... I'm calmer now but I really can't wait to see their response.
  19. Visper

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    I really don't mind them selling what they want to sell, it is their cafeteria. If there is something she sees on the calendar/menu she wants to buy, I pack $4 in her lunch box instead of food.

    But like many have said, they have ZERO right to tell her what she can bring in for her lunch.
  20. slade601

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    I had just found it surprising they were making choices of food like that for people attending college a year after. We were supposedly not supposed to bring sodas either but luckily most of the staff didn't enforce that all.