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I have a trio of knives by Terävä that are made in Finland. They are all that anyone can ask. I brought them out today just too play with them again. My granddaughter wanted to go exploring. We went out to some local woods, looked at the emerging greenery, cooked some lunch, and just made a day of it. Had a good time. I took my Terävä knives.

I used the Skrama 240 to cut up a fallen branch for our cooking fire. It is the equal to any hatchet and bests many of them. The Skrama 80 came out to do a little wood work. I made a mess of toggles out of another finger sized fallen limb. The Jääkäripuukko 140 stayed in the sheath

These are some of the best knives made. They just are not made in the USA. I have found my USA manufacturer in TOPS knives. Are the TOPS knives better than the Terävä knives? I think so, they just feel more solid in the hand. The question is are they worth the extra money? That is for you to decide. There is certainly nothing wrong with the Terävä offerings and they will last you several lifetimes, but when I see Made In The USA on the blade it just makes me feel better.

Terävä Skrama 240 / Terävä Jääkäripuukko 140, and the Terävä Skrama 80.

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