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    Does any1 know a website, somebody, a store or something where i could find an unventilated barrel shroud for my Hi-Point 9mm Carbine, it has an ATI stock as you can see, i'd really appreciate it if somebody could help out. I've looked all over the net and can't find one for sale as well as on these forums but i didn't see a website or anything. I figure it'll look really cool with a suppressor-like barrel shroud on it and thats what i'm looking for. thanks!!! Heres a pic of my carbine:
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    First off...welcome to the fold my friend!! You won't find a better source for technical information in regards to all things Hi-Point.


    While I do not know where to find such a shroud from, might I just offer a word of caution. Any "Supressor" or "Supressor-like" attachments to your carbine could lead you into a world of trouble upon sight by a LEO. You see, such devices (at least in the Southwestern States and Canada) are Illegal, even if they really aren't one. And, if it's a solid shroud and a LEO who just happens to be in the vicinity where they can see your carbine sees a device that looks like a Supressor, they have reasonable cause to take the weapon and inspect it even if it's in your house (Upon sight, that often gives police reasonable cause to enter the building on the assumption of possession of an illegal weapon modification). They won't know it's not a real supressor until they tear into it, and by that time you've already gained the negative introduction by said cop.

    Not trying to be a buzzkill, and by no means am I against increasing the look of a weapon (else I wouldn't be trying to brass plate an M44), but I'd hate to see a fashion accessory become cause for someone to get into alot of hot water.

  3. Welcome to the forum!

    As Neo has stated that could cause some issues there was a good thread on this a few days ago here it is. This is a Airsoft fake supressor and all you have to get done is have it bored out to fit your barrel and add a set screw. If you are pretty handy you can do this without to much trouble.

    You can also take it to a machine shop and get it done pretty cheap too.

    Here is the link: http://hipointfirearmsforums.com/Forum/viewtopic.php?t=3085

    here is another cool one: http://www.airsplat.com/Items/AC-UPE-OA-31-SL.htm
  4. I also agree with what neo said. If it looks like an illegal attachment chances are someone is gonna assume its an illegal attachment and it will cause you more stress and grief than you paid for the attachment to start with. I would just settle for a ventilated shroud, that way no one makes any false assumptions as to whether your rifle is legal or illegal.

    Oh... Welcome to the HPFF!
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    jesus this board if full of lawyers so afraid of every little thing.

    Someone else on the board made one out of some aluminum.. do a search.

    For the record real suppressors are legal if you get the tax stamp.
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    i saw your vid on youtube i was wondering how long it would take for you to join the forum.

    nice looking carbine by the way.
    i dont think you would get in trouble as long as it was just a barrel shroud good luck on the search post some pics if you do find one.
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    I have made several at work as a matter of fact and proudly display one on my 4095. I have been to several ranges with it and know of several off duty police officers who were there at the same time. The only reason you would be worried about a little Q&A with a police officer is if you had something else to hide.
    As long as you have the Shroud flush mounted to the muzzle there is no way in hell someone ( especial a trained LEO ) could mistake it as an illegal attachment. And if you want a solid barrel shroud make one man. Or have one made, heck PM and I'll see if I get one out to ya =P
    See if this tickles your fancy at all. Good luck.
  8. where did u get the magazine holder the ATI stock?
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    Just stating what he may encounter. This is the 21st century, and you have to take into account perception of the law as much as the wording. How many times have you seen a television report of a robbery and the reporter proclaims the criminal had "A Machine Gun" or "Automatic Handgun", when it's actually just a cheap Bryco 9mm.

    Better to know and expect the worst than to be ignorant to what could occur.
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    Welcome aboard!


    Hey Joe what does Jesus have to do with lawyers? [​IMG]
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    I got one from a user on her named "thkrnel."

    Good, solid unit, but the more I see of the Moerse-Lekker shroud, the more I want one of those instead.
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    wow, talk about a lot of responses, thanks guys, yeah suppressors are illegal without a stamp in Michigan (i live there :p ) but since this is isn't a suppressor after all and i only shoot in private places generally its not a problem. thanks for all the responses!!
    also, the ventilated shroud ruins the whole suppressor look which is what i was going for, purely cosmetic
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    i will definately post some pics, thanks for checkin out my vid :)
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    i got the magazine holder at a gunshow in Birch Run, Michigan, it came with 2 clips, got that for like 40 bucks and i got the ATI stock off of ebay for like 63 plus shipping of course