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    As we all know ammo is always going up......so reloading is starting to look appealing to me. I would just be reloading 9mm.
    I saw a hand press kit for $30 http://www.cabelas.com/prod-1/0032406215925a.shtml. Other than a die, what else would I need?
    How much would reloading a 9mm be vs. buying it.
    Can you reload wolf ammo? Maybe a dumb question, but I don't know much about reloading :lol:
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    I can reload with locally bought cast bullets for about $0.07/round. If I cast my own, it would be about $.0.04/round. All my brass is range pickup, so I don't pay for brass. If you can get a source of brass, you should be able to load for between $0.07-$0.12/round, if you purchase the bullets instead of casting.

    You can't reload steel cased (wolf) ammo. There are ways to do it, but it would end up costing you more in the long run, than just purchasing Wolf from the store.

    I wouldn't recommend the hand press kit either. Look into a decent turret, or single stage press to get started. Lee is the best value for the money, and you can get a press for about $40-65. A die set is all you NEED, but I recommend getting a powder measure as well... All told, you should be able to get set up for anywhere from $90-$150. Sounds like a large investment for equipment, but it will pay for itself very quickly.

    If you go for the hand press kit, you're still going to need dies, etc. So your initial investment is going to be at least $60.

    If you get the hand press, you'll save $30 or so initially, but the extra time and effort will totally negate those savings...

    The hand press is more geared toward those who wish to have a mobile reloading solution, such as those who want to tailor a load, and want to be able to try several different loads and make slight changes, while at the range. Until they can find the sweet spot for their particular load/firearm.

    Spend the extra money now, and it will pay for itself much more quickly.

  3. Well first off, if you are not going to use a powder mesure, you will need the set of lee dippers. A reloading manual is a must as well. I am casting my own bullets so excluding reloading equipment, my rounds will be 3.60 for a box of 100. Missouri bullet offers very reasonable prices on LRN bullets. They are 24.99 for 500. they are pre lubed and ready to go and shipping is a flat rate of 8 bucks for up to 60 lbs.

    As for wolf ammo, You techniclly can reload steel case amob, but it will wear out your dies 10x faster, you haave to hydro press all primers out, find berdan primers and, berdan priming equipment. So really the answer is you really dont want to reload steel cases.

    As for myself I would recomend saving your pennies and geting the lee aniversary kit.

    This is what i am using and has everything you need to get started. Also with dies, invest in carbide dies, and the 4 die set.
    The factory crimp die helps your reloaded amo to feed more reliably.

    Where at in missouri are you?
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    thanks for the info! So I really need to pay a little more not get the hand press........
  5. Cape, thats a little cruise for me. I am just outside of kansas city.
    +1 on what Uraijit said. you will be happier i think with a single stage vs. a hand press. i also think the amount of effort involved would be alot less. Priming and charging operations would be much easier with a bolt down press as wel.
  6. Not to mention the rounds per hour are much higher with a Turret vs. Hand loading.... Once you get comfortable with the process you can always upgrade to a progressive press and knock out 500 rounds per hour... I'm personally not there yet, but it's coming soon... :wink:
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    Yeah, thats a good little drive :lol:

    I will probably end up getting a reload kit, just weighing my option right now.

    Thanks again to everyone for the info :D
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  9. Though I agree with you 45man, this guy is looking for an inexpensive starter setup and for that a single stage Lee is the way to go.
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    Lee single stage kit is the way to go in this case.... I got going for $125 plus supplies with my Lee.


    And the die set you want


    and some calipers come in very handy. But I reloaded 9mm for a while before I got some.

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    I was thinking the Dillon Square Deal, which includes dies for one caliber. I can vouch for the warranty being NO BS. I broke the handle and they sent me most of the parts for the entire press. I've had my Square Deal for 20 years and it works every time I need it and never needs adjustment. And it has never made a "squib".
  12. You won't get any argument from me about Dillon, I use a loaded 650XL to load for my 1911's.

    I also have a LEE single stage which I load my 9mm on simply because I enjoy the process of reloading.

    I suggest the LEE as a starter setup for a few reasons.
    1) Reloading is not for everyone and a person may decide it isn't for them so there is less wasted investment and would be much easier to sell to another beginner with a minimum loss.
    2) For some people the roughly $350 investment in a SDB is more than they can reasonably afford.

    Unless one is certain about reloading and has the extra money for a Dillon then LEE in my opinion is the way to go. Upgrades to a Dillon progressive can come at a later time when finances and a strong interest in reloading are agreeable.
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    cabellas has the lee pro 1000 complete w/ dies and powder mesure for $140 + shipping....just another way to go
  14. Get either the Lee Anniversary kit, or the Breech-Lock Challenger kit. Skip the progressives, they're not for you, not initially. Learn how to reload first. The kits come with everything you need except calipers and dies. Also, if money is the driving force behind reloading, think about casting your own. For the price of a box of WWB you can get a Lee mold for 9mm. So far I've shot about 150 120gr TCs through my 995 without a hiccup once I got my length right... Another 100 will be screaming down the pipe tomorrow. Each one costs me about 4 cents to load, which isnt a whole lot more than shooting a 22lr, which is quite impressive.