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  1. Looking for a good deal on a 9 mm carbine hipoint
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    If you were in Tn I could hook you up. I don't know anyone in MI to help you out.

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    thanks for the response :D
  4. Other than your local dealers, check the online dealers and gun auctions such as gunbroker.com, thats about the only thing you can do other than watch the for sale section here for someone selling their carbine

    Good luck!
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    are you not able to find any or are you holding out for price? cause I know where 2 of them are new.
  6. Check a local Dunham's. They usually have them on sale.
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    Yes wait for dunhams to have a sale,Thats where I acquired mine recently got it for $159.95 plus tax.
    Call and check for pricing and availability was there last weekend saw couple in the showcase not sure if they were 995 or the .40 cal model.
    This was the one in madison heights,maybe you can get them to give you a deal on the display model?Worth a try talk to the manager.
  9. The local Dunham's has the .40 cal with scope for $229.99.