Looking to add an original AR-180

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  1. HPHooked

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    Hey Folks.

    Gun show this weekend up here in Big Sky Country. Looking to add an original AR-180 to the collection. What is a decent price for this weapon.

    This is not the new AR-180B rifle but an original production weapon. Any ideas? :idea: :?:
  2. Code:
    - .223 Rem. cal., semi-auto, gas operated, 18 1/4 in. barrel, folding stock. Manufactured by
     Armalite in Costa Mesa, CA, 1969-1972, Howa Machinery Ltd., Nagoya, Japan 1972 and 1973, and
     by Sterling Armament Co. Ltd., Dagenham, Essex, England.
                          	100%	   98%	   95%	    90%	   80%	   70%	   60%
    Sterling Mfg.           $1,500	$1,395	$1,250	$1,100	$1,000	  $900	  $850
    Howa Mfg.               $1,950	$1,750	$1,650	$1,500	$1,350	$1,150	$1,000
    Costa Mesa Mfg.         $1,950	$1,850	$1,750	$1,600	$1,450	$1,300	$1,200

  3. cool stuff, but I'm useless as far as info on this bad box. Hope to learn some from this thread as it grows.
  4. elguapo

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    SW owns one, and I am waiting for him to chime in on this thread...
    I like the AR-18, and even the AR-180s...
  5. Silicon Wolverine

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    The original AR-18 (not 180) is a select fire weapon and thus unless you want to go NFA you're stuck with the civilian version. The original AR-180 civilian had a sheet metal reciver that proved weak in use and often warped. It used proprietary magazines that are few and far between, and there is a significant lack of spare parts available. The rifle design failed not because of its few shortcomings in operation but simply because of armalites lack of promotion.

    This is the only one i could find
    ans its in less than desireable condition.

    If you want this gun because of its historical value and oddity factor thats great. If you want this gun as a shooter for your stable id say its probaly not for you. You can score a NIB or LNIB 180B for under 700$ in most cases and the 180B is a far supierior weapon in construction, accuracy and the fact it uses standard AR mags gives it a definant leg up as a shooter. My 180B has around 3500 rounds though it with no failures of any kind other than normal break in teething. You can also walk into any gunshop and have them order you a brand new 180B.

    At your average gunshow expect to pay 20-25% over fair value for a gun like this. The chart bobotech posted is close but maybe a hair on the low side. The only one ive seen and handled in a gun shop was in 90% condition (howa mfg) and had a price tag of 2900$.

  6. Ari

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    If you got a friend in the IRA maybe he can find you one as they bought a bunch of them when they came out... (way back when) :wink:

    I would love to have the B model!
  7. HPHooked

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    Thanks for the info. The local show was a bust, as normal. Not even a Hi-Point carbine to be found. Saw a Hi-Point .40 S&W pistol for $168. I love the carbines but for some reason, I cannot bring myself to pick up one of their pistols. What is wrong with me???? :oops:
  8. For $168.00 I wouldn't have bought it either. I had to tell a friend of mine this last gun show here that $200.00 was too much to pay for a C9, told him he could get it for $135.00.....
  9. HPHooked

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    Primal. It's not a matter of the price but of the weapon itself. It feels awkward in my hand, top heavy. It lacks the balance that my other pistols have. Is it just me or am I nuts for passing up on these pistols? :shock:
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    I'm actually trying to sell my AR-180B currently. I'm asking $800 for it. I've got the scope mount and a scope on it and I've attached a T-6 stock using the Stormwerkz adapter.


    Got one 20 round mag and the original box (although it's a bit beat up).

    It's a great shooter, but I owe a buddy of mine some money, so I'm just trying to get what I've got in it.

    Had one guy interested but he doesn't have the money yet and who knows if he will ever.

  11. Honestly, I like the feel of Hi-Point pistols. They have some heft to them that other pistols don't have. You aren't nuts for passing them up, but with the way prices are going, you may want to get them now before they go up even more.
  12. HPHooked

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    Thanks for the offer, Malcolm. However, I'm not a big fan of the sliding buttstock feature. I'm afraid I'll have to pass on this one.

    Primal - Again, I can't see buying a weapon like these pistols. However, that's the great thing about living in the USA. We get to choose which guns best fit our individual tastes.