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  1. After my first Hi point purchase of my .45 acp i was very happy with it enough to make another purchase in the carbine, can some one let me know which cal to buy and how much they go for. also any suggestions in the best upgraded scopes or lasers to use .
  2. Cal is up to you. Keep in mind that the .40, though imho a better round, it is more expensive. If you are looking to do some cheap plinking I would lean towards the 9mm. They also have more accessories available(ATI stock, see through scope mount, etc.)

    Usually around here the 995 is 170-200. .40 is a tad more.

    Scope wise, it all depends on what you want to do. If you intend to shoot mostly at <75 yards I would recommend a red dot(tube or open), For mostly 75-150 I would just go for a fairly cheap scope of some sort, again up to you.

  3. I have both carbines, and they are both great rifles. No matter which one you go with, you will be happy.

    You might wait a bit though, they are working on a new stock, and hopefully they will be putting it on the new ones before too long.
  4. oh thats cool on the whole stock thing, maybe a will wait a bit even tho it is tempting everytime i walk around the gun shop =(
  5. For pure plinking, get the 9mm. If you're looking for SD/HD, varmit hunting, etc. get the .40.
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    New Stock!!!

    Ugh! I just plunked down some cash for a 995. With the old humpback stock. Perhaps they will let us upgrade to the new cool stock, when available. :D

    Now I have a new plinker...Mr. tincan, be afraid, very afraid!

    Next, something in .40 S&W. It seems like about every other time I go to the range I pick up a box worth of casses for .40 cal. Hmmm, and they will fit in my Lee Pro 1000 with only a die/carrior change. Don't have to swap the bottom end out. Hmmmmm.
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    One nice thing about the .40 cal. On my Lee Pro 1000 reloading press, the .40 cal takes the same base as the 9mm. Only have to change the upper half, (Die index plate, etc.) The .40 also takes the small primers. Where the 10mm & .40 ACP take the large primers.

    On a side note, the range I go to in MO. (Free shooting area provided by the Conservation Department.) Somebody likes to shoot .40 S&W. About every other time I go out there I find from 20-75 empty .40 casses. So I pick them up. Before shooting I mine the range.

    I think I see a .40 cal carbine and perhaps a pistol in my future.

    BTW using Missouri Bullet company, I can reload a box (50) for about five and a half bucks. That should drop down to about two or so, when I can get setup for bullet casting. Reloading also give some thing "gunny" to do on days that just suck for shooting.
  8. Where can I see a photo of this "New stock" ? Thanks
  9. Where can I see a photo of this "New stock" ? Thanks
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    Anybody know if they will be for sell as a up grade