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Discussion in 'Reloading Room' started by mrgreen, Nov 29, 2014.

  1. mrgreen

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    I am thinking about doing some reloading but have a few questions to start please:D

    I am going to start on rifle to start: .308, .243, 7.62 x 54r but also may go to .45 ACP.

    I have purchased 5 sets of RCBS dies and a buddy was going to reload for me if i supplied the brass and projectiles and dies, he keeps the dies:cool: hence me thinking why not just spend some dough and do my own right:confused:

    I think the RCBS rock chucker supreme and quick change powder measure might work well to start? Please keep in mind i may try to reload .223 but am OK with not having the ability to churn out hundreds fast unless there is a good reason?

    I would like a rough list of must items and maybe some suggestions on makers although i have been looking at RCBS but am OK with changing as long as my dies swap

    I would like to do handgun down the road and i am not sure the rock chucker will do that but might be OK with buying another handgun press later too as initially i am only looking to reload hunting rounds

    Sorry for the long winded post and thanks for any help

  2. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Lee Breech Lock Challenger kit. It has everything you need to get going with your dies and supplies, except a full reloading manual, for $120-$130.

    Seriously, they work great.

    If you want to go a little faster, get the classic turret model. About $200.

  3. F751

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    2nd what agole said. You'll also need calipers. If you get the Lee turret press it can be used as a single stage also. The single stage is a good way for beginners to start as you do one step at a time and learn the process. As a turret it can pump out 200+ rounds an hour of hangun ammo.
  4. Hermitt

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    I have a Lee Breech Lock kit and it is like Aj says. They only thing you need to get additionally is some of the 'quick-change' bushings for all your dies, as the kit only comes with one bushing. I also picked up a Lyman 'dial' caliper as the quality is good and I trust it better than the same priced cheap digitals.
  5. All great comments for everyone. I'm partial to the Lee Classic Turret Press. The first time I used it as a single stage then went to auto indexing. I reload 45 acp, 380 acp and 308 Win on it with no problems. The best part is how easy it is to change a turret, takes about ten seconds.
  6. moona11

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    I like mine to. Easy change out. I also have 2 single stage that are for de priming.
  7. norham

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    RL 550B..'nuff said....
  8. mrgreen

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    OK i had heard RCBS was better but i am hearing a nice trend, thank you.

    As i said i have purchased a bunch of dies, will they work on the Lee press? I have also bought a few shell stops or holders will the RCBS work or do i need Lee ones?

    Thanks for the tips too i really appreciate your info
  9. moona11

    moona11 King of you Monkeys Lifetime Supporter

    I believe they do.
  10. FlashBang

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    Start with the Lee Breech lock. It is a single stage and will teach you to pay close attention to each and every step of the process. A Singe Stage will always have a place in any reloaders setup if they are loading for optimal performance or accuracy.

  11. planosteve

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    If you follow a plan you can crank out a lot of rounds on a single stage. Just take your time. You can always upgrade later.
  12. ajole

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    NE Utah
    It's really kind of funny.

    If you look at lists or rankings of "best reloading" stuff, you basically get a price rank. Lee is cheaper, so Lee is down the list.

    But when people list WHY they rank things like they do...there's no quantifiable reason for Lee to be last. They might talk about the exterior finish, or rougher knurling or some feeling they get, or maybe how their uncle's buddie's friend's dad busted a Lee press in one weekend...but there's never a real reason.

    The Lee works, it makes good ammo, repeatably, and safely.
  13. moona11

    moona11 King of you Monkeys Lifetime Supporter

    30000 plus rounds out of my Lee turret was a lot cheaper than using higher end stuff and I reload 38, 380, 9, 40, 45 45 colt, 223/5.56, 7.62X54, 7.62 Nagant and 303.
  14. Branth

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    I don't even know how many rounds I have through my Lee single-stage, but it's well north of 10k, probably closer to 20k. The return spring on my primer feed broke after the first several thousand rounds so I have to push it back manually, but aside from that, everything works just fine still. I experimented with different digital power scales, and even spending $100 on a fancy one I found that I just couldn't get the same degree of precision as on my cheap Lee balance scale, so returned them.

    Seriously, the cheap Lee set has everything you need and works great. You may want to upgrade to a progressive someday if you go really high-volume, but for precision and bang for your buck, the Lee single-stage is the way to go.
    Lee dies work just fine, but I have a mild preference for RCBS small-base dies for semi-autos.
    The Lee Factory Crimp die for pistol cartridges is a must for me, ESPECIALLY when shooting lead
    Also, Berry's Bullets are pretty cheap for bulk pistol loads and work great for me. Prices aren't that far above buying in extreme bulk online, and you don't have to order 1k+ at a time.
  15. greg_r

    greg_r Lifetime Supporter

    The Rockchucker is an excellent press that you will never wear out. I started with a RCBS Partner press years ago, and except for my scale(Hornady) and my louder measure ( Lyman) all my equipment was RCBS green. Lost it all in a house fire and replaced it with Lee equipment. I have no regrets.

    I currently have two single stage and the classic cast turret. My only complaints are use of plastic in some parts, such as the bushing that advances the turret. If you short stroke it, it will strip. Lee packages a spare with the press though.

    My preference in dies is the RCBS. I have loaded many rounds with the Lee dies with no problem, just prefer the way the settings lock in on the RCBS.
  16. mrgreen

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    I have now decided to get a turret style for the speed of ultimately pressing .45 acp. I like the RCBS turret and you can change the turrets for $60 each OUCH!!! LOL

    I am going to look at the LEE turret as i am sure i can use my shell holders on it and i am looking to get going

    Thanks for the info and tips
  17. I like the idea of 6 stations but not the price. Those extra stations would come in handy with rifle reloading.
  18. mrgreen

    mrgreen Member

    The lee classic turret has the 4 hole change turrets for like $15 each so 3 of them for less than 1 new RCBS turret
  19. moona11

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    Lee is imoa the best way to go. Classic turret set is cheap to get with almost everything you need. Amazon has dies on sale all the time so does midway USA.
  20. greg_r

    greg_r Lifetime Supporter

    You may find you need to replace the lock nuts on the RCBS dies with the Lee version. The RCBS can be a little to large.