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  1. Looking for a hipoint 9mm carbine

  2. hey

    thanks tom A place called Dunhams here in mich have sales and i missed the last sale for 165+tax i am looking for cheap as money is not flowing like water anymore lol
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    Dunhams had a sale couple of weeks ago had a sunday-monday door buster special $159.95
    Snatched one up and as I was taking it someone called on the phone to see if they had them in stock after i left think they had 2 left 1 was a display.
  4. The price of the carbine is not the real problem...

    It's not the 995 price that is the killer, it's the ammo! $40 too much for a 995 is not a big deal. But running 100 rounds or more through it every month will eat up your expense account!

    Just thought: guns are a lot like printers for computers. It's not the cost of the printer that will kill you, it's the ink cartridges!
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    I am buing 100rnds fed. 115gr. at walley world for just over 20 bucks here