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Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by Surfnayl, Feb 4, 2015.

  1. Surfnayl

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    Anyone have problems with the charging handle bolt loosing up while shooting? Put 40 rounds through my 4095 and the bolt loosened up. Second time it happened. Not sure if I'm not tightening it enough or am I going to need a little loc-tite. Other than this the 4095 is shooting real nice. Did not take long to go through the 40 rounds. Shot a mix of 180 gr Federal, Blazer and Speer HPs.
  2. moona11

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    Mine did it to I used very little blue loc-tite. It stayed secured. And easy to remove.

  3. blue loc-tite or as i have used, clear fingernail polish. works like a charm.
  4. Surfnayl

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    Will look into blue loc-tite if it happens again. Did not want to crank to hard on bolt and strip anything. Love having the carbine around, don not want to have to send it back to MOM unless absolutely necessary. 100 total rounds through it and this only real issue I have had and it is minor IMO.
  5. Hot-Shot

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    Locktite to the rescue
  6. ItBeMe

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    I would put locktite on it now, it WILL come loose and this time it will get you in the head. Unless you like pain. You have been lucky so far. Everybody has been there and done that. LOL
  7. slade601

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    I never had a problem with mine after I started using the free tool from MOM.
  8. moona11

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    You could wield it. Just kidding don't do it.
  9. Rachgier

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    What, like a sward with a plack?