loose scope rail!

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    Every trip to the range i end up having to stop every 20-30 rounds and tighten the two hex bolts that hold the scope rail on, they come loose and my red dot scope start wobbling horribly, I tried tightening the bolts all the way, but then I hear the bolts scratching on something every time the chargin handle is pulled back.....anyone else have this issue if so what'd you do? I though about loc-tite but not too sure how well that stuff works
  2. When i put a rail on my 995 i figured i might one day have the problem you are. so as a precaution i used a medium strength loc-tite.

    it works great! and i can still service the rail when I've had to, simply re-apply the loc-tite.

  3. SteveD

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    there should be 4 bolts holding the scope rail down. BTW a good subsitute for thread locker is some of your wifes finger nail polish :wink:
  4. Steve is right just make sure to use the right red!!! :wink: