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    I owned a L 380 once, and it had to be the cheapest made piece of shit I've ever owned. The barrel was welded to the frame. A lot of the parts were cast out of some kind of cheap crap and some parts were plastic.
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  2. -The safety lever was plastic on the L32 and L380 models.
    -Barrels were pinned, but the location of that pin was inconsistent on the frame. (see pic below)
    -Slides and frames were made of Zamak, same as Hi-Points. (The quality of said Zamak? Questionable.) Lorcin slides broke so regularly that I only shot mine angled away from my face; but I personally never had one break on me.
    -Rifling on Lorcin .380 barrels was so poor that sometimes you'd swear it was a smooth bore. (I'm not kidding.) Honestly, if it didn't keyhole, something was wrong.

    When Cobra took over the tooling, they made a much more robust slide and fixed the rifling issue. Other than that, the Cobra FS380 is the same gun as the Lorcin L380.

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    I had one back in the late 80's. Didn't have a lot of trouble with, just the occasion FTE, but I didn't miss that thing one bit when I got rid of it.
  4. When I started buying SNS pistols, I promised myself I'd never buy a Lorcin.
    Turns out I was only fooling myself.
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    It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't good. lol I'll never get another one tho.
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    I've never looked at a Cobra but, have heard they're better.
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    I have a(n) l22 that I got for 99.99..almost typed hundred bucks but I like it so much I kept the price tag from the pawn shop..for the most part I buy, clean , shoot once, clean and put away ,the l22 has a nice little thumb warp in the grip and the round top adds to this being one of the nicer looking,emphasis on looking,sns 22s