Los Angeles Trying to Revoke CCW Permits

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    The Los Angeles Police Department has moved to cancel most of the few remaining concealed weapons permits in civilian hands, according to new filings in a decades-old legal case.
    Chief Michel Moore said in a sworn declaration he did not believe a group of people who obtained so-called CCWs as the result of a 1994 lawsuit were still entitled to the permits, because it was unlikely the individuals still faced extraordinary physical danger to their lives.
    "I do not believe the continued wholesale allowance for each to possess a CCW license based on circumstances that may have existed 24 years ago is in the best interest of the public," Moore said.
    Permits to carry a concealed firearm are allowed under California law but it’s up to local police chiefs and sheriffs to decide if an applicant has a valid reason to obtain one. The plaintiffs in the 1994 case, called Assenza, et al. v. City of Los Angeles, et al., sued because the LAPD had a long-standing practice of simply denying every applicant.
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    Tyrants mad they had some people actually stand up to them and now they're doing away with said people and want to make sure the peasants stay properly disarmed

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    It’s kinda sorta forum etiquette that you quote or post a cut & paste section of the arricek instead of just a link :rolleyes:

    Kinda like this :

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    California; the land of fruits and nuts. And those that aren't fruits or nuts are flakes.
    Where is the San Andreas fault when you need it ?
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    Ok. Did that. Went back and edited the post. I’ll have to figure out how to add more than one thing to a post at the same time. Is there a way to do that without coming back and editing?
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    Occurrence 4,609,378 of my being glad I got the HELL out of that loony bin 2 years ago!
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    These sheriff tyrants should send to each gang member a registered letter, return receipt communication that they must have a permit to carry their guns and that, oh, by the way, we aren't giving out permits any longer. That will most certainly stop gang shootings along with the rampant crime of ordinary citizens. BTW, what is "gun crime". I didn't know guns committed crimes or violence. One of these days the commu-crats will figure out that nobody lives in California any longer. Shouldn't take but five more years or so before the people with enough money to pay taxes.....aren't there any more. What a fucked up place to attempt to have a life. Where is the Andreas fault, like someone else said.....
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    NE Utah
    If you have multiple tabs in a browser open, you can sometimes quickly sneak a few things in before the forum software forgets you were typing a response and drops your post.
    But editing seems to work best for me.
  9. California holds over 40 million people. There are more conservative 2A supporting patriots in California than the entire populations of some states combined.

    When your state starts to turn blue I bet you will be begging on your hands and knees for those conservative "flakes" to join your ranks.
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    Here in Virginia (at least for now), the law states that unless there is a good reason for a person NOT to have one, it can't be denied. It's not up to someone to determine if your need is valid. I think it cost me $103 to get it ($50 to take an online test, $50 for the clerk of the court to do her thing, and $3 to park!).

    I need to check mine to see when I have to renew it, I think I have 3 more years on it.
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    Reminds me of my feelings.....get government outta my life! They all have to get their share of your money every time you even take a shit. WHY are we paying anyone to exercise the 2A? Why are the motherfuckers even allowed to charge us for that?
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    upload_2020-1-29_10-2-27.jpeg 1930's - gotta get rind of the nasty Tommy guns. After that, the camel just kept getting more of the tent. But you already know this.
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    So true. Just my gut feel but I think there are more "illegal" guns in this country than "legal" guns. That's OK. I have enough "legal" guns and ammo to hold off the national guard for a while. If I decided I wanted a Thompson (for example), I know where to get one or, I could have my machine shop knock one off (that's an idea....bad one, but shows how easy it would be). IF I wanted an "illegal" gun, it sure wouldn't be a Thompson. Where I live, it's safe to assume everyone is armed. I know the clerk that hands out concealed permits waiting to be picked up full of renewals and new ones. We don't flip off one another very often. Only turds do that. Shoot the camel......
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    Tommy guns are known for their complexity and expense to produce. It's pretty much the reason that the "Grease Gun" exists.
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    Not to mention thing is awkward to hold.
    But off the scale on the kool level.
    But it needs a fun switch.
  16. RCS

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    Not to mention the fact that they will go through 850rpm....if there was a way to feed them. Short 45acp means fast through the action. I've shot one and a 20 round mag. means a very short burst. They're heavy too. My point was, many of them were machined (less stampings) before CNC so I could reverse one "easier" now with the CMM, CAD, etc., in my machine shop. Grease guns came about because they're cheap (and work). Doesn't matter what you catch a bullet from in the end though.
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    The M3 "Grease Gun" came about because the Thompson was too expensive, too complicated, and some sources say that it took too long to produce. The far less complex M3, made of stamped parts, took less time to produce, was much more economical, and was easier for field armorers to work on.

    a couple of quick references:
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  18. RCS

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    I just use mine to grease machinery around the place.

    Thompson's are cool though.....depending on which end of them you're on.....

    I'm going to reverse engineer one someday. If people can make good 1911 copies with hacksaws, files, and other hand tools in the Central American jungles and sell them up the distribution chain to Chicago gangs, then a CNC machine and a CMM can produce a Thompson.....or most anything else. A BAR might be nice too. Just need a "donor" to copy. Or prints would be easier.
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