Lost a friend, Got a new one

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    My sister's service dog of 8 years Asia was suffering from severe artheritis and hip displaisure [she was a border collie collie german shepard mix]after all the vet did it wasn't enough and she would lay at my feet and whimper and whine so a week ago Tues we had her put to sleep. Talk about rough even I cried like a baby after I got home.

    The next day we went to Greenville Humaine Society and got a new dog a little Jack Russell named Odie He's only 21 pounds and a little darling. but right now he's being treated for kennal cough.

    You see my sister suffers friom crippling artheritis and suffers from panic attacks if she is left alone so we needed a new dog [a psycological service dog] this little one has taken to her right away and sleeps on her bed at night with her
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    shooter z, how do you treat kennel cough? I believe my dog may have it, or had eaten his dry dog food too fast and irritated his throat... and not healed in the 3 weeks I've been mixing in warm water with his "Pruina Beneful" dog food and serve him "dog food stew". I've had him now for a total of 4 weeks, and he seems to have a stuffy nose, but when i rub this neck and throat he will cough and hack... Just like how you check for kennel cough... Help me Dr.Vet.Shooter Z!

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    One of my dogs had Kennel cough for several years actually. It sounds like asthma which is what we had assumed it was. We just had him treated and he is better now. Poor guy, he's had heart worms AND Kennel cough!
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    Kennel Cough is kind of like a cold for dogs, and like a cold is often cuased by a virus but may also lead to secondary bacterial infections. Seems that the symptoms are usually treated until the illness passes, unless antibiotics are deemed necessary due to secondary infections. The important thing is to determine whether Kennel Cough or another problem is the cause of the symptoms so proper care can be given.



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    Go to your vet and get antibiotices and cough suppressents as it is very much like a human cold. Or if you're not certain it's KC have your vet check it out. The way we know it's KC is the vet told us to watch out for it as they were having an out break at the shelter
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    Sorry to hear about your loss. It is very hard to have to put them down when they are so close to you and not treated as just some dog. I had to put down my Great Dane almost 2 years ago for cancer and then 6 months later her son. She was 8 he was 1 1/2, he had stomach torsion, that was the worst year I've had in a long time. Cried like a little baby girl, getting choked up now thinking about it. You can never replace them, just tuck the memory away and be thankful they aren't in pain anymore.
  7. When God closes a door, He always opens a window.
    Sorry for your loss. Congrats on your new friend.
  8. Loosing a good pet can be as hard as loosing a family member to some people (myself included). Sorry to hear about the loss Shooter.
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    I feel for you. I had to do the same thing 2 months ago. Very hard to get used to only having one dog. Ain't easy, but rest easy knowing you ended the suffering.