Lost my firing pin spring sleeve from my assembly! Help!

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by randomhero1990, Oct 7, 2011.

  1. randomhero1990

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    I lost it while field stripping it for the first time. :( I was curious to know how much of a pain it will be to get a new one from Hi-Point and wanted to know if it would cost anything? :confused:
  2. If you're talking about the little nylon sleeve, call Hi Point and tell them you need to upgrade your firing pin assembly as they aren't used anymore, the new design has a little fat short spring that goes around the longer, skinny main firing pin spring, the two sleeves aren't used. Might want to replace the extractor and it's spring as well, since those have been changed as well since your pistol was manufactured it seems.

  3. HPJosh

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    Or just tell them you lost your sleeve. They'll take care of you! :)
  4. randomhero1990

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    Well I have two springs but on the diagram that came with my C9 it says that there is a sleeve of some kind that separates the two springs. Either way I am going to call Hi Point I think cause there has to be something that goes there. The darn springs will just go inside one another and it wont work that way :p
  5. Kevin

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    Call and talk to MOM, she'll straighten it all out! :D
  6. Not to worry, HP will get the parts out to you free and fast. Call Monday and you'll probably have 'em by Friday.
  7. Stogies

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    Just call HP, they are usually very accomodating and will probably just mail you a new one for free if you ask nicely.
  8. They may have started putting a sleeve it in to reduce the 'tangling' problem a lot of us ran into with the double spring design, seems these are still a work in progress.