lots of fun with machine guns

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  1. Heres a video I seen on impactguns.com while looking for a bersa firestorm in .40 looks like lots of fun wish I could afford the ammo to do this. :lol:
  2. Great video :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

  3. Shoulder firing a BAR.... Nice! I wonder what they did with the mountains of brass they had left over when they were done.
  4. Posted a guard on it until it was all picked up?
  5. Man that was a good video. :shock:
  6. Pretty sure that wasnt a BAR, but an M1A or an M14 Still a sweet rifle
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    wow great vid :mrgreen:
  8. M1A's aren't fully automatic though... This guy was holding the trigger down, not rapid firing shots.
  9. M14=select fire M1A.

    So thats a M14.

    Awesome video.
  10. I SCREWED UP! (I didn't bring my camera.)

    The goal: organize a Group Stress Reduction Counseling Session.

    Background: I'm in Vegas for a week-long conference. I don't gamble, but I might as well spend money, and there's a full-auto rental range here. At the opening reception, I wandered around, inviting peeps to let it go. So far: one convert, whom I knew before and who is really cool. This can't happen before Wednesday evening at the earliest, so I still have some recruitment time.

    The ultimate goal is hundreds of rounds down-range, some as single, carefully placed shots, and others as mass blasts.

    Since it's Vegas, and since we're going to lose our money anyway, why not do it without deluding ourselves?
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    m14 yes

    the big question: If that was a staff shoot, where do I get an application??
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    Yup M-14. I humped one of those thing in Vietnam.
    One nice thing about it. If the guys have the dicipline to fire only two to three round bursts, the M-14 sounds just like an M-60. So 50 guys on the line, all shooting properly, and the bg has to figgure out which one is the M-60. (M-60 = RPG magnet.)

    That trick dosn't work with the M-16. Sounds way differant.
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    I had the opportunity to shoot an H&K MP-5 full auto the other day - YES IT IS FUN!!!!