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  1. Wanna have lots of fun with out BEER! yes believe it or not its true it can be done here is what you need.
    1)cheap co2 bb gun $30 at wal-mart
    2)a box of 1000 ballons
    3)a tank of helium
    4)a few freinds
    5)a good chunk of land (make sure no one is around that might get hurt by flying bb's

    fill up the ballons and let a bunch go. becarful to make sure you are on your own land so there is no possible way you could hit someone or something that might get you in trouble. i know this is childish but boy jolly ge willickers it is fun. :D

    also fun to go to your own personal range if you have one and shoot balloons from 100-1000 meters (you tie these ones to somthing first) there cheap and kinda cool to pop. we found it to be a lot of fun to try and hit balloons from 300 meters with our 1911's it takes a lot of elevation and trial and error (also a lot of ammo we switched to 9mm after about 100rnds each) but it can be done...........next time i will post a vid on it untill then have fun

    I cant stress enough to make sure you have a good distance to do this so as not to hit anyone or thing with flying rounds we had over 3000 acres of farm land.
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    are you shooting flying balloons? that sounds like something to do with a shotgun.

  3. What the father in law and I do is take a 2x4 and several spingloaded clothes pins. glue or nail the clothes pins to the 2x4 about a foot apart. Then blow up the balloons and secure them in the clothes pins. Place this target holder at whatever distanceyou want and have at it. If you dont want to do the clothes pin deal then just take the 2x4 and cut 1/2" deep cuts in it with a hacksaw and wedge the bottom tied portion of the ballon into it. The clothes pins are quicker and keep the ballons from coming off, but both ways work. Balloons are about the chapest target with no cleanup besides the deflated baloon which usually is held nicely in the 2x4. Try it out, it works great. Oh and another perk is you can make the targets as big or small as you like and they are always easy to see and can use the oblong balloons too.
  4. Yea same think I thought. Let 20 go in a cluster and see how many you can drop.
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    I usually pick off shotgun shells at the out door range but this would be more fun w/ a scoped 10/22 on sandbags
  6. no I have never tried a shot gun but now you all have my wheels turning....................also the clothes pin idea is great Thanks for sharing that :D
  7. No problem. It's great for sighting in a rifle and practicing loong range shots. I last used to on a CZ .17HMR at 300 yards. Was great b/c you can see the vapor trail of the bullet then the balloon pop a split second later.