Louisiana Theater shooting, two dead

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    Yep, and the latest info is that he used a hipoint .40 caliber semi auto pistol to commit his crimes. Per Lafayette Police chief Jim Craft who happens to be an uncle to my sister in law.

    And CNN got it wrong. His name is John Russel Houser and not James Russel Houser. But, leave it up to the media to report the news. :(
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    I wondered about that.

    I had this article opened in another tab, was coming here to post about it

    Lafayette gunman cased theater prior to rampage, but motive remains unknown

    Figured it was a Hi Point

    .40 cal + 10 round mags + pawnshop= Hi Point :(
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    If he had an involuntary commitment to a mental facility he should have been on the no buy list! Plus he did NOT buy the gun legally..

    f. Have you ever been adjudicated mentally defective
    (which includes a determination by a court, board, commission, or other lawful
    authority that you are a danger to yourself or to others or are incompetent to manage your own affairs)
    have you ever been
    committed to a mental institution?
    (See Instructions for Question 11.f.)
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    Which just goes to prove how well the BATF check works. :rolleyes:

    They can make all the laws they want or seem fit, but some one will find a way around them to make the purchase. Even if it comes down to actually lying on the form.
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    Can blame assault rifles or hig cap mags on this one. :rofl:

    Also funny is how CNN said it was a mass shooting. If you include the nutjob, then yeah, it was, but I don't count the nutter who offs themselves as a victim of the shooting
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    I made the mistake of reading some comments about this on a Facebook page... 99% were simply "sleep well NRA" and "where is the good guy with a gun"

    It's mind boggling to see how many people would just give up their freedoms and gladly take others with it.
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    Wasn't that theater Posted?

    Peace favor your sword (mobile)
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    I'm honestly not sure. One comment said there were supposedly two armed off duty cops in the audience. His anti gun defense was they didn't have time to draw their weapon so obviously if they couldn't no good guy with a gun could either...

    Now imagine if over half the audience was armed during this...
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    There where no armed off duty officers or concealed carry private citizens in the audience. Quit believing everything the media puts out. The chief of police is an uncle to my sister in law and a stand up guy. Known him for years, and he stated personally, that no one in the theatre was armed at the time except for the the shooter. Its all BS what is being spread.
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    It's kind of like that little "demonstration" that ABC did to try and prove that CC won't help in a mass shooting. They don't want the public to be empowered to be their own first responders.
  12. The "legally" part stinks. He broke the law by lying about several things which should have barred him from buying the gun. Unless breaking Federal law is legal, Houser got his gun illegally. We have background checks to massage the feelings of people who are scared of guns, not to protect anybody from anyone ever. But I'm preaching to the choir here.
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    Totally agree, laws dont stop crime or psychos
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    All of the local reports I've read were that he attempted to buy a handgun in alabama but was refused, either way it wasn't a legally obtained firearm.

    Kind of sucks he killed himself, would have loved to hear how he would have fared in angola...if he lived long enough to make it there, and I only say that because angola not only has some of the worst killers in history in it's walls, but it's just about cost neutral as well.