love my new hogue

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  1. Krippp

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    just got my new hogue OD grip for my c9 and man is this little pistol starting to come together now. love the way the new grip feels versus the standard grip. just happy with my guns
  2. I got a Hogue on my JHP which makes a world of difference. OD color too! When I bought the C9 the other day, I automatically picked up the Hogue for that too. Big difference.

  3. z71silverado98

    z71silverado98 Member

    i put a piece of silicon Bicycle grip under the back of the houge, they are designed to reduce road vibration on your hands but it really makes a difference for extended range sessions.
  4. just picked up houge grip for the wifes bersa 380 i loved it so much i drove the 30 minles back to the toy store and bought a few more for various other weaponry lying around the one on my M&P i awsome. Anyone know how long these have been around? Are they new? or am i just a dumb redneck that never noticed them sittin on the shelf before? gonna have to guess redneck. :D
  5. hpman

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    I have hogue grips on everything I own. I love em.