Lower-profile mag release button for C-9/CF-380

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by TopGas, Feb 14, 2015.

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    There's another thread here on the forum dealing with extended mag release buttons and I can understand that some individuals may want that feature on their Hi Point pistol.

    However, I was experiencing an issue in which, on both my C-9 & CF-380, the mag button's degree of protrusion in the factory configuration, was making it a bit too easy to disengage the magazine. I added a bit more bend to the mag catch spring and that did improve the situation a bit. I still felt that I needed to lower the profile some. Here's a pic of the stock button:

    A guy in a YouTube video (discussing something else) mentioned that the mag release buttons from the JCP-40 were smaller and provided a lower profile.

    I spoke with a tech at Hi Point who said that the JCP-40 buttons were smaller, would fit on my pistols and would lower the profile. He sent me 2 of them (no charge, of course!).

    There is definitely a difference in size but it didn't seem like much-


    and I didn't think that it would really make much of a noticeable difference. I was wrong!


    The depth of the mounting hole in the JCP-40 button must deeper (I didn't bother to check before I swapped them out) that that of the stock button, allowing it to sit deeper in to the grip panel.

    Granted, this mod does make it a bit more difficult to swap out mags in a real life tactical situation. It will likely minimize the inadvertent release of the magazine that I had been experiencing both while shooting and when holstered.

    If I find that it's too difficult to release the mags, it will be very easy to return the guns to the stock configuration. Just a thought for those that were having issues like I was.
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    Thanks for the great pics. I don't have either of those two guns (c9 Or 380 but I love the idea

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    Thanks for the info on the modification. It would make the guns better for concealed carry as the mag button would be less likely to get pressed by a holster.
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    I have a C9 that seems to have misplaced the plastic button on the mag release. Works just fine without it, no problems with releasing before I'm ready.