Lubricants, cleaners, solvents and grease links

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  1. Firearm’s lube oil, solvents and grease’s

    I compiled the following list of lube oils, solvents, cleaners, greases and general gun care product web sites to help folks on the HPFF find a gun care product that best fits their needs. If you folks want to add to the thread please do so, but I ask that you link to the company, or distributor, web page instead of a retailer’s page.


    3-IN-ONE Oil

    Ballistol Lube

    Birchwood Casey lubes, cleaners, blueing, wood stock finished ect..

    Bore Tech solvents, cleaners and lubricants

    Break-Free CLP

    Eezox Premium Synthetic Lubricants

    Gun Butter

    GunSlick solvents, cleaners, oils and cleaning accessories

    Hoppe’s Solvents and Lubricants

    Mil-Comm Synthetic Lubricants and Greases

    MILITEC-1 Lubricant and MILITEC-1 Grease

    Otis Technology Inc gun care products

    Outers gun care products, lubes, cleaners and solvents

    Remington Oil and Lubricants

    SliP2000 Extreme Weapons Lubricant

    Tetra Gun (gun care products, grease, lube and cleaners)

    TM Solution bore cleaning solvent and TM-24 lube

    Tri Flow lubricants, grease and cleaners

    Weapon Shield

  2. Well you have my gunbutter which I swear by and here's a link to the cleaner I use, Blue Wonder.