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    my wife had to go to a local one day surgery place to have a cist removed from her back. Upon intake as the nurse was checking her vitals for intake she notices a cluster of moles on my wifes back she makes the comment that she should have someone look at those. Since they have been there for as long as i've known her and we've been together for 15 years we didn't really think anything of it. Well the nurse remembered and brought it up to the surgeon as he was meeting with my wife. He opted to remove 2 of the 3 moles from her back. We left there and went home thought nothing more of them other than me doing the vast majority of everything around the house including baby care.

    When she went back in to fallow up with her dr and have her stitches removed the pathology of the moles came back as melanoma. Back in for surgery to remove even more tissue around the origional area and remove another mole . We are waiting now on the pathology on this second round of surgery to come back. Hoping all is well but we are very grateful for a nurse who stepped in and said something instead of just doing the bare minimum work required.

    Since they had to remove so much tissue from her back she's unable to reach forward with both arms so I've gotten a frash course on how to be a single mom this month and it really really sucks.
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    Hang in there, you'll manage the child care stuff. You have to

    Was wondering how you're wife's been doing.

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    she is doing well Not being able to pick up her baby is getting to her but the baby has become daddys girl even more than she was.
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    It's a good thing that those were removed before they could cause real trouble. It's also a good thing that you are there for her and that you two can face it as a team.
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    Glad they caught it.... My jokes and prayers for a speedy and full recovery.
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    Prayers sent ;¬]
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    Not to be confused with "MOLE" ;)

    Thoughts and Prayers coming your and her way!
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    Thank you all.
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    tnt and mole if you read this this is why I don't have a range report for the sub 2000 yet.

    Tnt I'm looking forward to your range report as I probably won't get one for myself for a bit yet.
    I also have a Mosin I haven't shot yet.
  11. Wishing the best to your family.

    Hey, we know where some cheap ammo is for that Nagant! :D
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    First prayers and best wishes for your wife and the whole family. Second, a report on the guns would be nice but you have priorities that you are taking care of so reports will come in time.
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    Hoping for a good outcome for your wife, and keep your elbow up when you shoot the mosin.
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    Glad the caught it. :)

    Peace favor your sword,
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    Hope she heals quickly but you still have to do the dishes
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    Prayers and PT will loosen her back up! Make sure she does the exercises!
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    PT I was thinking more like KP because its amazing I haven't poisoned the family yet.