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The long awaited Lyman All American 8 has finally arrived. The initial plan was to replace my Lee Classic Cast turret press and mount the Lyman turret press on my Lee bench, but I have decided to keep the Lee. More on that later. But I could not resist at least playing with the Lyman. I assembled it. really nothing more than screwing in the handle and assembling the priming system, and spent a few minutes moving everything that moved on the press. I am impressed so far. It will be another 2 or 3 weeks before I will actually be able to load on it, but I am expecting good things.

I have ordered the Inline Fabrication 4" Ultramount riser with the quick change base plate. I also ordered 2 quick change top plates. One for the RCBS Jr and one for the all American 8. I will use the Ultramount riser for the Lee Classic Cast turret. I already have a dedicated top plate for the press as I use them for bench stabilizing mounting plates for my presses and already have one. The quick change base plate and top plates will go with me to the second house where I will put it on the 9" dedicated riser that the RCBS Jr is mounted on. I can then switch between the Jr press and All American 8 at will.

Since I am keeping the Lee Classic Cast turret, I felt the Lee Breech Lock Pro press was an unnecessary redundancy. Guess it would be nice to have a dedicated progressive for the 9mm, but the Classic Cast turret does a fine job. My nephew has offered to buy it off of me for what I kave in it. Press, 9mm Luger plate and the Lee Reloading stand. Looks like he has a new press.

The Lyman Ideal press will be mounted on a portable bench I am building, really nothing more than a glorified box. Once my press riser gets here I will start selling off my "extra" presses and some peripherals. Except maybe the Lyman
Spar-T 6 hole turret. I have it set up dedicated to the 300 Blackout. It’s a fun press to use. It might just get its own quick change top plate and go into the rotation with the Jr and All American 8 presses.

The Hornady Lock-n-Load Iron will have its own bench finally. Getting all the extra gear off of it as most all the extra presses were either stored on, in, or under this bench. It will finally get to look like a nice bench rather than a junk heap.

So far I am happy. I really like "C" style presses, and the turrets are of that style. And while the Hornady Iron is not a C style press, it may as well be with its open front. The Lee Classic Cast Turret really works like one of the 40 degree O frame presses which is my second favorite style of press. The RCBS Jr is not a C style, but i can not bring myself to get shed of it. It has sentimental value to me and it is a surprisingly concentric and accurate press to boot. The Hornady / Pacific I hope finds a good home. I really want to like this press, but find it a bit cramped and busy, especially with the primer catcher and priming arm on it. Still, it has been a mainstay for me for over 20 years. I have it as a complete kit with press, scale, powder measure and case trimmer. I call it the Sherman Tank of reloading presses. Small but powerful.
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