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    My first AR was the Ruger AR556, which has a proprietary D-Ring which screws on/off. My 2nd AR is a PSA which has the normal D-Ring. If the Ruger D-Ring is tightened too much it takes 2-1/2 men to loosen the thing. I've actually used a rubber strap to get mine off.

    The newer Rugers have a M-Lok foregrip, did they keep their D-Ring, use the normal D-Ring, or does the M-Lok grip do away with the D-Ring? If the M-Lok grip does away with it,what holds it in place and can my Ruger AR be retrofitted?
  2. Rachgier

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    So I'm assuming you want to go from the clamshell handguard to a free float?

    Buy a handguard with barrel nut, decide if you want to chop your FSP or replace it with a new gas block assembly, swap them out.

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  3. ajole

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    NE Utah
    When you say D ring....do you mean sling swivel?
    Because there’s no D rings on any rifle in my possession.

    One of my guns has a Delta ring....
    You dump it and use a different barrel nut for most free float handguards.

    Or you buy a Magpul handguard that snaps right in. My DPMS Oracle has that now.

    If you did mean sling swivel, then you can buy Quick Detach sling mounts that bolt directly to MLok, or buy loops or bars that mount to MLok, or some hand guards have QD holes already in them.

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    @ajole love that MOE stuff, even tho it is dirt-common LOL

    I have one in Blactical and it made me a barrel of Pic rails in pay :D
    I did a bunch of dial caliper readings for a supplier and got those in
    exchange for the work. Top Notch "factory seconds" so to speak!
  5. Dubar

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    D-Ring/Delta Ring, not swivel, is what I'm talkin bout Willis :p

    The Ruger ring screws on/off, then you can remove the halves of the handguard:
    vortex strikefire II.jpg

    The PSA has the type with the springy things where it takes 2 gorillas (or the tool) to remove to get the handguard off:

    Not that you can tell from the photos.

    I'm thinking my real questions is...does the M-Lok guard do away with the ring altogether? From Ajole's photo it appears the ring stays. I did to find/post a photo of the newer Ruger AR that has the M-Lok guard on it.

    Here's a newer Ruger AR with the M-Lok guard and the ring still on it:
    New Ruger AR.jpg

    Seems like there ought to be a better way to keep things in place. The Ruger D-ring that's on my AR is plastic and could have enough pressure applied to it that it would break. Plus if it's tightened too much it is a PITA to loosen. Least thing they could have done is put Lefty-Loosey, Righty-Tighty arrows on the dang thing. I was thinking even a metal ring but too much pressure on that and it would deform and not bounce back.
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  6. Dubar

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    I was just now able to watch the video Rach put up. The guy did away with the D-ring which is what I was wondering about :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
  7. GoesBang

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    It’s called a Delta or slip ring.
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    After working for Uncle Sam for over 30 years, EVERYTHING gets abbreviated :p
  9. Rachgier

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    With the exception of letters...
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  10. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Not the Delta ring.

    So..you either get an MLOK that fits the system, or you do what Rach said.
  11. Dubar

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    I really prefer the Ruger screw-on/off Delta ring over the spring loaded one, once you get it in your mind which way to turn it it's easy to remove.

    I was watching a Youtube video where the guy got a Ruger 556 and proceeded to replace all the hardware on it, only to put all the original stuff back on. He said he turned a $400 rifle into a $1k rifle real quick, when it didn't have anything wrong with it to start. I need to go shoot the piss out of mine, had it for going on 3 years now and I doubt I have 500 rnds thru it.