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I've eyeballed a few really close. I'll have one eventually
My local lineman buddy, he reminds me so much of you, he has a 45 "long" Colt revolver, he's seeking ammo for that.
He's IBEW lu1393, just a few months younger than me. Quite the firearms enthusiast as well! Very traditional like you.

10mm's are nice. I have one but only one. Only reason I wouldn't get one now (if I didn't have one) would be because it's in a caliber I do not own. I think if I added another caliber my floor would collapse...

It is a nice pistol though Greg, if I was going to get another 10mm it would be that s&w or a Tanfoglio:

But the S&W is a little easier on the wallet.
Witness Hunter, or don't bother. 6" barrel o_O
But, Bring your Wallet! And extra mags were almost IMPOSSIBLE to find.
All I could find were ones of same capacity, "supposedly same mag" but
no one online could verify for sure. Wild...

I'm waiting for the 11mm..............it's one more than ten now idin't it?
11mm is ~.433" which is just over .429" which is 44 Magnum,
a 44SAM (semi-auto magnum?) would be an awesome handgun 馃挅

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I found 2 or 3 places that were out of stock, hopefully back in by now. It's such a stylish gun I don't think I need my usual 6 to 10 mags, but I'd like 3 total so I can carry it at least!
Shoulder Rig is my guess as to what would be good 馃憤馃徏

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I would love a 1911 in 10mm. Just think that full power 10mm is a bit too hot for the platform. The 10mm has a reputation for cracking 1911 slides and chewing up 1911 guide rods. As noted I am a disciple of Col. Jeff Cooper. He was a devotee of the 1911 and had some hand in the development of the 10mm, but I don鈥檛 really think he intended for the cartridge in the 1911 platform. Those I know who shoot 10mm 1911鈥檚 rely mostly on moderate reloads in the cartridge. Only sparingly shoot full power loads.

On the other hand - most of my info is old stuff. Things change, and I understand things have gotten somewhat better. The Ruger SR1911 Target is supposed to be a good one.

As far as cartridges for the 1911 platform. 38 Super and 45 acp. BTW, the 45 is an 11 mm. ;) But the 10 mm has somehow edged its way in there and seems to be at least somewhat accepted.
COLT did a 10mm 1911, so it's perfectly acceptable ;)
In fact, I was trying to order a Delta Elite when I got the Tanfoglio W.H. 10mm, it was either that
or an RIA 2011 tactical in 10mm.

As far as the S&W M&P series goes, my 1st gen M&P9 was basically the best poly pistol I ever shot,
almost as good as the Browning Hi-Power as far as recoil mitigation and follow up shots, and that is
SAYING SOMETHING. It seemed like the M&P rocked back to dead level at exactly the same time
that the slide was ready for the next shot. Recoil felt as natural as one could hope. Maybe, just
maybe they got this 10mm dead on like that?

Smiff makes a great revolver too, and I have been hoping for them to enter the 10mm fray for a long time.
Too bad I'm full up on most handguns, I'd love to try this!

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Delta Elite had a bunch of cracked slides when they first came out. I understand they have modified the slide with a relief cut to fix the problem.
I was also looking at threaded & fully supported barrels, too. Underwood offered a reduced power (from their levels) Delta Elite round that was similar to the Sig Elite 10mm loading, for the standard Delta Elite chambers. KKM was the most common replacement barrel I was seeing for this.
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