M1 9mm Finally!

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    $679 starting price?

    You could buy an actual M1A1 for that.:rolleyes:

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    Yea, but 9mm is still cheaper than 30 carbine? New Kahr AO M1 is $649 last month when I checked. It would be nice to have both???
  3. ajole

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    NE Utah
    I have 2 guns that cost over $500. Both are ARs.
    Even my Garand cost $500.

    Ain't no freaking way I'm paying that much for a PCC, no matter how good a replica it is of a cool weapon.:p
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    Thats nice macho! Good luck
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    MSRP was supposed to be $642 for wood stock and $539 for black polymer. Quick look on line didn't really find them around for sale. Likely price would come down a bit when they become more available?
  6. MachoMelvin

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    Both the ones on GB have Davidson's Lifetime Warranty? Got to cost something?
    I have been watching out for this gun for 6 months or longer.
    Now I'm in a dilemma, this new Citadel + the OD 45 jhp OR the VEPR-54? I still have 3 weeks to make up my mind?
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    $250? May be one of those badly used and abused ones brought back from a foreign Country. Just what we need another 22 lr semi-auto firearm, something to waste more 22lr ammo. My LGS owner told me the popularity of the 22lr AR's is partly responsible for the ammo shortage. They can shoot up hundreds of rounds of 22lr in a hurry.
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    Good replica? Isn't this thing a Simple Blowback action?

    Peace favor your sword,
  10. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Yeah...but replica doesn't mean copy.;)
  11. Back in the late 80's I owned an .30 cal M2 Carbine for all of about 1 week. Paid $150 for it from another guy in my unit, then found out that in Washington state it was a big no no. No such thing as getting a license for it, you have it, you get caught, you go to jail, no questions asked. The LGS in Tacoma advised me to get on a boat, row out to the middle of the Puget Sound and throw it overboard. On the other hand, looking at prices on GB almost makes me wish I'd kept it.
  12. Was the receiver marked M2 or M1? The M2 Carbine uses the exact same receiver as the semi auto M1, it just has some different parts on it. Many M1s were converted to M2 configuration, these M1 marked guns can be made into legal semi autos again by removing/replacing parts. The complete set of M2 specific parts is considered a "conversion device" which is the MG under the regs, not the receiver. Only the actual M2 marked guns are considered to be MG receivers even though they are indistinguishable from the semis except for the markings!

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  14. Funny how much of that stuff is floating around. At a gunshow here years ago there was guy trying to trade his 'AR' for a different AR. No dealer would touch his 'AR' as it had a M16 receiver. The guy was real POed, because he had bought it privately and until the show didn't know he owned a machine gun.
  15. Never really gave it a thought at the time. The LGS I was talking to said there was a woman there in Tacoma who's son was in prison for selling drugs. Cops got a tip that he had guns at mom's house so they got a warrant, searched the house and found among other things, a full auto weapon. Mom got 5 years for a gun she didn't know existed but it was in her house. I'd just assumed WA was like other states and you could get file the necessary paperwork and get a license. But on his advice I got rid of it as soon as possible. As much as I'd have liked to keep it it wasn't worth 5 years, a dishonorable discharge and I'd have lost the gun anyway. So I dispensed with the first two and just lost the gun.