M1 ping... If you like i you love this

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    The M1 ping movie

  2. I have a friend who has 6 (left). They are brand new still wrapped in the packing from WWII. He is the uncle of a friend of mine. I have been really working on getting one of them from him!!!!

    He said they are brand new!!!!! DROOOOOOOOOLLL

    I told him that I have a good home for it. It will be safe and it will be shot! I also let him know that I have all of my shots if he is looking to adopt lol. He has soooo many WWII guns he could have a museum.

  3. "Wait until you hear the ping to attack."
  4. I have never understood why they made the M 1 like they did. The BAR was a removable mag fed rifle and I think was made before the M 1, so why not make the M 1 a remobvable mag fed rifle also?
  5. http://www.garandm1rifle.com/

    This guy has probably forgotten more about the Garand rifle than anyone I've ever met actually knew. He has information about the development and the BAR mag came and went, probably due to expense. 8) 8)
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    The M1 loads so much faster with the embloc clip. But they were looking at the world through old school glasses. The guys from WWI were still in power in the army leadership.

    Another guy who knows a ton about the M1 and has a collection to die for! He is he guy who built mine.

  7. You probably answered my question right there. Just like they didnt want to give up the horses and didnt think an airplane could sink a capital ship

    Generals that were born in the 1800's were running things. Good point Ari
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    And I heard stories about it as well...carry a extra enbloc to throw down when you fire....Enemy hears that, they rush in...woop: 7 more rounds to woop up on them...
  9. I was issued the M1 in 1961 when I joined the Marines. Carried that until maybe mid '63, and was issued the M14 til we hit Nam in '67. Soon after we were issued the "Mattel" M15. I still long for my old M1 back!

    Semper Fi. Hoorah!
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    My dad was in the Army. First issued an M1 in basic training at Fort Ord. Then the M14. Second time in Vietnam, he got the M16 right off the plane at Ton Son Nhut during Tet, '68. M16A1 in Germany, and the M16A2 second time in Germany.

    He always told me of learning the hard way about M1 thumb!
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    think about the garand compared to the old 1903 spingfield, an 8rd embloc doesnt look too bad compared to a 5rd fixed mag.
  12. Happy New Year! to all. May all your targets have holes in the center.
  13. I've never shot one, but a buddy of mine has one. He loves the "ping" too.
  14. The older gent who lives next door has an awesome looking M1 Garand. His has what looks to be a laminated stock, definately not GI issue, and has been stained and clear coated to a glassy finish. Even though his rifle is not in orginal "as issued" condition it is a beauty and would bring a good penny if he ever decided to sell.
  15. That sound makes me cry, seriously...

    Think about the lives lost in war, how many thousands of them, defending this great country while they had those weapons to their shoulder, loving what they were doing.... doing it regardless of the price. Fast forward to us sitting here talking about it... Movies like The Thin Red Line, and SPR and BoB just reminds us of their sacrifice... that's just a taste of what they endured, no food, no water except for snow melted in their canteen cups, down to 1 round of ammo per person at times.... That weapon, according to General Patton was the the best weapon of war ever implemented, my paraphrase of course.... The men that carried them have my greatest respect....

    As Tom Brokaw said "They did nothing more or less than save the entire world."
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    I concur wholeheartedly, primal: but they used it just as effectivly in Korea: Some more of my relatives had served there, at that "forgotten war" which, honestly, is still going on. Yeah, North and South Korea are officially "Still" at war to this day: That Peace labors under a "Cease Fire".

    But back on topic:

    I want one, dont matter where it was made, which furniture it has, I want one still....I keep an eye out for mostly inexpensive ammo for such a venture; Enblocs and bandoleers not neccessary...
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    That M1 ping led to a lot of deaths for the enemy as well as our guys. My dad served in the Navy in WWII on a troop transport in the South Pacific. He told me of guys who where carrying the BARs taking an empty M1 clip and, after firing 8 rounds from the 20 round mag, bounce the clip off their helmets. This recreated the M1 ping well enough that the enemy would charge. That was when the BAR guys, as well as the M1 guys, would open up and give the Japs H_LL.

    My dad picked up a bayonet for the M1 off the the beach he was working on Iwo Jima. I still have that bayonet and an M1 to put it on. In a SHTF situation, my M1 will do my talking.