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    Does anyone know of a good sporting goods store, that gives good money for guns, or good store ccredit? i have a good condition M1 Carbine that im looking to trade in for an AK47. it has a 15 and 30rd mag and a nice OD sling, anyone know what store credit i might get?
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    Once I purchase a firearm I like to hold on to it. Just sorta my thing..although I have noticed that most places try and rip you on a trade/store credit. Suppose that is part of the reason I keep em..

    My best advice would be to tell you to just take it around town and see what kind of bids you get on it. Than if you find one you feel comfortable with, take it.

    Or you can just make a few phone calls instead of drive around and get some idea on what to expect!

    Good luck with the AK hunt.

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    The gun stores by me will get the blue book and will decide on the condition of the gun with you (the value). For example if the condition is in 95% ($500.00) they will take that number and take off 30-35% of the price. They would give you ($325 - $350). They have to resale the gun and possibly sit on it (like Potsy Webber :lol: ). Due to their expenses and overhead, ie: Rent, utilities, insurance, etc.. There in business to make money. In most cases you are better off selling it on your own. I take the hit personally with the Dealer because I would rather sell to the FFL and have him deal with the resale. So that the new buyer gets run thru the ATF system. (I live in NY).
  4. Most shops will rip you on a trade because they want to make money on the gun you are buying and want to make money on the gun they take in for trade. They are there to make money plain and simple.

    Now for your M1 Carbine, if it is a mil surp original you will come out way better by selling it to an individual, or offering it on one of the internet firearms auction sites like Gunbroker.com, AuctionArms.com or GunsAmerica.com

    If it is a Plainfield, Iver Johnson or Universal the resale value will be lower than a mil surp, but a private sale or via one of the above internet sites will bring you the most money.

    I do not mind taking a loss on a trade if I see something I really want and am not pleased with the gun I am willing to trade with. Personally I would keep the M1 Carbine and find another way to get the AK. M1's are the best centerfire plinkers one could hope to own and getting one these days will set you back $500-$700 easy, thats way more than what an AK retails for NIB.
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    I'll bet you could find a buyer if you just put it up on gunbroker or the like...
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    Dude...keep a hold of that M1!! Big5 sporting goods just got a shipment of carbines in that are going for $999 list! I say find a decent gunshop that does layaway and put an AK on hold. With the way the political scene is going, I wouldn't let that one go.
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    Keep the M1!!! Just because you want an AK don't blow off one gun you are going to have a hard time replacing in 5 years. Classic Arms has a bunch of AKs $300 range. Do not blow off an M1 carbine for that type of money. There are many cool loads for that M1 too.. What about a 110gr bullet moving over 2000fps?

    Keep the M1 carbine if you remain a gun guy you will kick your self you part with one of those!
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    yea, i guess ur all rite, what the hell do i need an AK 4 anyway, if i get a tapco stock, my SKS will look almost like and AK
  9. I would be willing to give 2 AK's if I had em for a half decent Mil Spec, better yet a mil surp, M1 Carbine. I sold my Carbines off back in the late 80's when I was young, dumb and needed cash, still kicking myself to this day over those sales. Back then commercial Carbines were going for $125 used and the Mil Surps right at $200 for a good one and $150 for a beater.
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    Just buy one they are only $300.. It might take a little saving but $300 should not take for ever. The M1 carbine has become heirloom class gun.
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    My m1 carbine was made by inland in june of 1943. I paid $200 about 15 years ago when that price was the norm, I got lucky and mine is in very excellent condition and shoots great. Any m1 in firing condition is worth more than an stamped reciever AK-47, unless it is a Universal or iver johnson. The Universal (1970's or newer) and Iver johnson have a very poor reputation and in fact are not real m1's. In fact they are quite dangerous to the shooter.