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M4 ???

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I finally decided on what to do with the upper I found in my parts box. I was leaning heavily to the 25-45 Sharps, but why? It would be used for the same thing as my 350 Legend rifles. The cartridge I love to hate on. I have 3 of them, go figure.

I decided on an M4, or probably a better term is M4gery. I have claimed to have one before, but not really. The closest I have really ever come was the DPMS Sportical. But I dislike adjustable stocks so I switched it out to a fixed stock, and I got rid of the delta ring type fore end in favor of a free float rail. It looks nothing like an M4.

anyway, I went Black Friday shopping at Midway USA. Bought everything I need to make the build. Parts could arrive late next week and maybe I will have the build complete by Christmas.

Here is the look I am going for.
Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory Machine gun
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Complete what
The M4 build?
With Mole WTF knows. He posted a image of his own post.
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