M855 and SS109

Discussion in 'Caliber Zone' started by MXGreg, Feb 15, 2015.

  1. MXGreg

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    Better hurry up and get yourself some M855 or SS109 if you like to shoot it. Since the feds announced they might ban it, all online sellers are sold out and auctions for it on Gunbroker are starting to surpass $1.00 per round. :eek:
  2. Outlaw

    Outlaw Supporting Member

    Talked to my dealer yesterday. He has some coming in. That stuff is o.k. to have, but nowhere near worth that kind of money. Your getting way past 308 and 3006 territory with those prices. That stuff don't even cost that much....yet. :rolleyes: Suppliers and Sellers instantly take advantage of any scare about ammo being banned. Go back a few Christmas' ago and see what happened. Even .22 went from 2 cents to 10 cents a round. Think I'll sit back and wait to see what the gov does with this ban first. If it does stay up, I just won't buy it.

  3. ajole

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    NE Utah
    I'm thinking investing I'm ammo makers is a good move, even if you put it off before.:)
  4. Rachgier

    Rachgier Administrator Staff Member

    I'm seeing getting off my butt and getting that Class 6 FFL soon. As long as I don't market it as M855 or SS109 clones it's not armor piercing.....

    USMC_VET Supporting Member

    This sucks hopefully the ATF does not ban this popular ammo !!! , ordered 500 rds of M855 last nite !! :D
  6. undeRGRound

    undeRGRound ROLL wif Da MOLE! Supporting Member

    I'm a bit confused, Rach...:confused:
    I have a formulation to make a kick-ass bullet I'm thinking of swaging that would only be limited by the powder behind it :D but the components would be rather pricey!
    If a bullet was sold/marketed as a "heavy round" (80 grain is the practical limit for 5.56 I have seen) I think it would be fine until someone started yapping about how well it penetrated steel plates. I'm thinking ATF chases down the "armor piercing" trail more than anything.
    M855 was developed to penetrate steel helmets at range, not really "armor".
  7. undeRGRound

    undeRGRound ROLL wif Da MOLE! Supporting Member

    I'd say "n00b" but that doesn't even get you in the door yet :p

    JK, glad you found some! But if it is DTS (ctd) better make sure they ship!
  8. mn_doggie

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    I have a few rounds of the stuff but all the ranges around here don't alow it..... :(

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    Until they are nationalized. Then kiss your $1 that is worth $.27 good bye!

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    Walmart sells it $65-69 for 150rds.
  11. I wouldn't mind manufacturing ammo, but the regulations, and insurance have to be scarier than hell.

    I was looking out of curiosity how much .224 fmj bullets were going for, and it seems they are all gone already.
  12. undeRGRound

    undeRGRound ROLL wif Da MOLE! Supporting Member

    I WiSH! it was worth 27¢!!!
    The dollar is in reality worth around 1.6¢ at the moment... as indexed to the Gold Price. They (TPTB) have manipulated the price of Gold and Silver much lower than the issued (printed and digital) U$D would dictate, but that also lent dollar price stability to other commodities. Once Gold hits $2,000 (and it will, I assure you) the U$D will be exactly 1¢ as compared to the 1933 Gold Backed Dollar. We need to be well invested in the items they are manipulating, so glad I had that huge stash of M855 laid in ;)

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  13. There are plenty of 55gr and 62gr around yet for $0.09-$0.10. This is just a couple of kwik example.

    Lead core 62 gr:

    Lead core 55 gr:
  14. planosteve

    planosteve Lifetime Supporter

    Well our friends at CTD raised the price of M855 to $840 for 900 rounds.
  15. USMC_VET

    USMC_VET Supporting Member

    Have you checked the February catalog #802 ?? , they show and still honor the price of $399 for 1000 rds bulk m855 from lake city

    That's the price I paid last week for that same 1000 rd bulk from their catalog

    I just bought more last night from CTD for american quality ammo 5.56 nato m855 62 grain . I paid $130 for a 250 rd count case , I bought (2) cases
  16. Rachgier

    Rachgier Administrator Staff Member

    Vet, you're going to turn purple trying to defend/rep CTD around these folks, myself included.

    You paid $0.40/per last week, $0.52/per last night, and a member verified they marked the same ammo up to $0.93/per. That's almost a 230% mark up in what, 10 days?
  17. bscar

    bscar Supporting Member

    So THAT'S the reason they wanna ban it. Afraid people will use it on the blue helmeted "peace keepers"
  18. USMC_VET

    USMC_VET Supporting Member

    The 900 rd pricing has been on their website for couple days way b4 the m855 scare . Last week I bought Federal Lake city and last night was from american quality ammo so that's the difference in pricing

    American quality ammo so far has the best pricing for 250 rds of m855 from CTD
  19. Branth

    Branth Member

    Why would they double the price of the ammo before there was a run on it?

    They heard of the ruling as soon as it hit and IMMEDIATELY jacked their pricing up.

    I refuse to spend a dime there.

    I'm also getting really tired of panic-buyers.
  20. Think1st

    Think1st Supporting Member

    Panic buying this stuff is ridiculous. There are hundreds of other good substitutes on the market. Quite frankly, M855 and SS109 are overpriced, most of the time, and they don't necessarily always do much better than what you can do with a cheap box of PMC, Freedom (IMI), or American Eagle, just to include three examples.

    The bureaucrats need to stuff their letters in the shredder, as far as I'm concerned, but I'm not going to waste money running up the price of one kind of ammo. I just wish that we'd quit having reasons TO panic.