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    Any plans to get the Handguns on the AG Approval list? I would love to pick up a 9mm but no dealers around here can carry them as they are not on the approval list and someone told me that a FFL transfer wouldnt happen because the person with the FFL would get in trouble..

    Reading the Specs on the 9mm it seems to me that these guns have more safety options then most guns on the approval list already.


    if anyone in this lovely state wants to sell one let me know.
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    Excuse my ignorance... But what is a AG Approval List?

    Around here AG stands for Agricultural.
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    I bet it also stands for Attorney General. ;)
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    Ooopss was my ignorance showing??? :oops:

    Thanks for the answer.

    Does the Attorney General have that kind of power to pick what firearms can be sold in the state?
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    AG is the attorney General and Yes in this lovely Republic of Massachusetts the AG has a list that dealers need to go by on what can and cant be sold.

    It blows my mind though that Hi Points cant be sold in this state when their safety features surpass some other guns allowed to be sold
  7. I dont see why they cant be sold. They do not have high capacity mags. and they seem to be just like any other handgun. If I were you I would

    A.) Talk to some local gun stores.
    B.) Call the local police department and check with them.
    C.) Call Hi-Point and ask them if they know anything about it.
  8. if a glock can be sold in Mass. than a HP should be allowable as well, at least they have external safeties... the big G's don't... :shock:
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    I emailed HP a while back and got a response from someone within 2 days which shocked me. But the thing is, I dont beleive HP has or will even send their guns in to be tested with the state which is mandated. For all guns to be sold in MA from a dealer it has to pass the state test. Now that does not mean they are illegal to own but you cant find a FFL anywhere that will take possesion of a HP.

    My guess is 2 fold.
    1.) This state wont sell them because some people consider them Saturday Night Specials because they are so cheap and available.

    or 2

    2.) HP does not have the desire and or resources to spend on sending Handguns here for the AG to completly tear apart and probably break. The funniest thing is that I can buy a HP Carbine anywere in MA i want..But when it comes to Handguns, no one will carry them..

  10. Maverick

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    Most of those "tests" are specifically designed to fail firearms like the Hi-Point. You can make a test to pass or fail any firearm you wish. The test should just check for two things. Is the gun safe? Is the gun reliable?

    One of the tests is the melting point of the firearm. - Why? Are you going to be shooting on the sun?
    The zinc pot metal in HPs has a lower melting point than steel.

    Another is a pressure test to see if the gun will break or bend. - Why? Broke or Bent the gun is useless. I would not fire a broken HP or a bent Colt 1911.
    Guess what the Zinc pot metal will break opposed to bending like steel.

    The list goes on and on...

    I can see why HP wont submit to such a rigged and biased test.
  11. Wow the state you live in sound like crap. I moved from california out to colorado and love the gun laws here. Basicly you can own any gun you want.
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    Yes it is a joke. It makes no sense to me at all but here is beantown they think their tougher gun laws is helping crime. Only problem is, none of us who go out to legally get firearms use them to kill anyone. it sucks..

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    Boston shovel I'm from Maine originally so I know what Mass is like Take my advise move to a gunfriendly region like here in So Carolina. We are VERY gun friendly almost everyone has a gun in their glove box as it is legal to carry a gun in your car. We have the Castle Docterine where if a lowlife breaks in your house you can shoot him to defend yourself. I know in Mass like Maine ya can't do that :wink:

    And the best part is NO SNOW!!! :D
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    Yeah something like NH might be the way to
  15. Alaska and Vermont have no conceal carry laws :D ... I used to live in Mass. close to the NH side and I'll tell you it in NC and woohoo... a
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    Another MA resident

    Becaues I live in MA I can not buy this gun new in my state. I found a 40
    at the local gun shop for $75.00. Didn't buy it becaues I shoot 9mm and
    22's. I could kick myself as i haven't seen a single HP (any calibre) since.

    Ma is not going to stop me from joining this forum and continuing to look for a MA legal c9 (been the state since 1999).
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    P.R.Kalifornia has similar testing requirements to get on the AG approved list. Here if it's not on the list, it is illegal to possess it in the state. HP has sent the C9 and the .380 through PRK and they are legal. The Comp9 is considered an assault weapon due to the Compensator. I guess you could remove it, thread the barrel and put on a silencer. The 40 and 45 are in the works from what I hear.

    Unlike MA, PRK will not allow the carbines to be sold here (Centerfire + Pistol Grip + Barrel Shroud = Assault Weapon) STOOPID.
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    Ignorance on my part but what is PRK?
  19. I understand, as Maverick pointed out, safety and reliability... as with an consumer safety issue... even more so with firearms just because they're intended to go bang. But, it is true enough... what I don't understand is when laws go beyond consumer safety. It's like I told my daughter when she turned 18: you can buy a long gun, but you have to wait until you're 21 to buy a hand gun... It's like being able to buy beer and wine, but having to wait to buy liquor. I guess it makes some sense to some people, but I still don't get it.

    Likewise with your sate laws... one hand gun is OK, but another, which does the exact same thing -- and without the rationale of consumer safety -- is not OK. Makes ya want to move to Missouri so you can say "Show me!" :eek: