Made a medium sized low profile backpack

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    Good pack.
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    Still have the divider and internal radio pouch too.

    With 3 big spots for water bladders @ajole would die hauling up to 9 gallons... :stir:
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  4. Arc'teryx ;Bora 95 was the basic design that the ILBE came from, slightly modified. Its discontinued, so used maybd 709059.jpeg
  5. So I was not quite satisfied with how the bottom of the FILBE yoke was not secure compared to the top, and decided to rip 4 inches of stitching on the side seams so that I could sew in the 3.5" webbing band to the seam areas, and reinforced the original stitch area. The webbing band actually helps retain the yoke better when loaded with stuff. Now I just need to acquire another FILBE yoke in good shape and complete for my own 2,000CI FILBE framed pack. 20201114_112400.jpg 20201114_112350.jpg 20201114_112419.jpg
  6. Attached my 2 USMC sustainment pouches and filled them up to see how it feels and works. Definitely would need to move the MOLLE webbing to better utilize the sustainment pouches' attachments because if I use the top 2 rows, the bottoms have nothing to connect to. So that means if I were to make another coyote backpack eventually, I would need to move the top two rows a few inches lower, leaving about 3 inches or so gap between top and bottom bands. 20201115_122742.jpg 20201115_122801.jpg