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  1. How about a folder where guys like me and thekrnel can sell their items. Sort of like a store front. The only threads alowed to be posted will be actuall sale items (not oncies twocies, but actuall production items). If the production is over or all stock is depleted and no new runs are planned, then the tread is deleted, or archived or locked.

    The poster should be required to state his company's name, product name, picture of product, cost, shipping and handling cost, number available, etc.

    What do you guys think? Will this to be complicated, risky (liability for the site), or why bother since we already have a trading post?
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    It might be a cool thing. If it did happen though, I would say it should be done like the AR15 site, and you would pay a small fee to be listed as a seller. This would help support the site, and would provide a nice spot for sellers.

    I don't see it as a liability for the site, so long there was a good disclaimer that clearly stated that the goods sold by sellers were the responsibility of the sellers, and that there was no affiliation between the site, and the products.

  3. Very interesting idea. But please remember that before any (privately made) item can be sold on the forum, it must be tested by the staff.
  4. For sure. I and many other memebers would have alot more trust in a product if ARI or ElGuapo said it was "cool" or a "good mod".... heck even if Glockman said "Its good, but it doesn't work on a glock." :shock:

    JK Glockman, nothing but love.
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  6. Honestly, that's what the Trading Zone/Classifieds is for. Nothing against anyone that fabricates accessories for their weapons, but of course, a Mod/Admin review has to be done before items that are homemade can be sold on the forum. We'll keep this in the Trading Zones for now. If it looks as if we need more room for a "store front" then we'll look at it on a case by case basis.

    Good idea BTW. Just think of the traffic that we could get if we advertised the links to the "store fronts" on different gun related websites.