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Made my own 995 barrel shroud

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Hey guys, Here is the shroud I made on Christmas day. It took me 4 hours but I am happy with the results. I never heard from thekrnel so I decided to make my own. First I started with a piece of 1-1/2" 6061 Solid Aluminum Rod (bought on Ebay with shipping $17.00). I rounded the rear of the aluminum so I had enough space to make Front sight adjustments. I cut the lines in the aluminum with a pipe cutter. I drilled the center of the rod out with 1/2 drill bit and then reamed it with a 5/8 reamer. If I had a lathe the job could have been done in an hour. I did this with a handheld Sears Cordless Drill. After the center was drilled I drilled to holes and tapped the holes for two 10/32 set screws. Now All I have to do is decide the finish for it. I am thinking of a flat black powder coating. Let me know what you guys think.

Thank you PrimalSeal for your post on how to post pictures. [/img]
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Its a little fat, lol, but good job on your work.
I like it. it does need a coat of flat black, but hey, looks good.
Excellent work! Doing it yourself as always more fun that buying from someone else (though I'm jumping on bushman's triggers when they get released :)

The following is not a criticism; it's just info for anyone who might like to try similar projects.

There's an outlet called Metals Supermarket near me and, since they have several outlets in Atlanta, I think they may be a chain. Has anyone heard of them? You can walk in, go to the back with no ugly insurance warnings about customers in the shop, and dig through the cutoffs. If you don't find a scrap that fits your needs, they'll cut something for a modest price.

Today I got a chunk of aluminum for J-22 mag extensions, a steel plate and rod to build some rivet tools for an AK build, and some miscellaneous angle iron for clamping things on my drill press bed for $12 and change.

I'll fall back on eBay if necessary, but if you can find someone like this, it's a lot more economical!
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look what I have started.
I posted pictures of my diy barrel shroud months ago. I glad to see people are building their own instead of getting screwed for 35 bucks a pop.
Man it looks like a silencer LOL. Make it a little longer and make one of these on the end. Without the sight on it

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Very sweet DIY project ! Only one question... How tight of a fit is it on the barrel ?
How do you powdercoat somthing made from aluminum? Doesn't powdercoat work on the principals of electrical magnetism? I thought that was why people started anodizing aluminum, because powdercoat was impossible. Correct me if i'm wrong... politely. :)
Looks good man! I'm always impressed when folks on this forum take it upon themselves to be creative. I'm getting inspired now. I may have to get one of these shrouds a shot myself.
Once again, good work!
Hi blkhwkfxr,
It slides on the barrell but there is no wobble. I can remove it very gently and put in on the same way. There is no forcing. With the two set screws in place it doesn't move. It was like removing the front sight when installing the ATI Stock. The fit is good.

Hi Strangerous,
Well thank you for letting me know it can't be powder coated. I was going to have the Local Bikers send it out for me. Is anodizing my only option here for a finish?
Leave it silver. Figure out how to checker it. It would give the appearance it could be screwed off. That would look awesome!
you can powder coal aluminum. They charge the metal with a negative charge, and the powder with a positive charge. the two charges are attracted to each other. The process has nothing to do with magnets or the material being ferrous.
Surprised you could do that work with a hand drill.

I would paint it black, I think it will make it "look" smaller. Also hide some of the scratches. If you powdercoar or anodize, make sure to mask (cover up) the inside hole and threads. The thickness added from each procedure will screw up your threads for sure and possibly your barrel clearance.
Well what I did was I used a piece of threaded rod with two nuts and washers and spun it on the drill and at the same time used a bastard file to round the edges. That is why it took so long to make.
looks nice gives it a combat look.

looks a little like a silencer. :D
I like it!
By the way, here is another great raw material resourse:


Shipping can get outrageous specially if you order steel (weight) or anything more than 3 feet (UPS surcharges for large containers). Also their cut fees are a bit high, but what can you do.
Try loking locally for metal supply. I found my 1" aluminum bar stock for 5 bucks a foot.
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