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  1. I hope someone can answer the question about Magazines.
    Does the Magazine for the C9 also fit the CF380?
    I have a C9 and a JHP45 and a New 995ts and want a CF380 as a car and extra range pistol. Thanks for any advice:eek:
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    Yes. Kinda makes you wonder why some companies can't make their magazines work on even one size of ammo. I love my 380 but apparently the 9 doesn't have much more recoil and is cheaper and easier to feed.

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  3. Not sure about the 9 but our CF380 has very very very little recoil. With government switching back to 9, and the proliferation of pocket nines flooding the market. At some point 9 will be more expensive than 380. Right now I only pay 17 bucks a box for 380, 9mm is probably only cheaper in bulk. Plus if a person reloads the little 380 only needs about half the powder as a 9mm.

    I am pushing a 115 grain hard cast RN under 2.8 grains of Universal for 850 FPS from the CF380. Comfortable to shoot and plenty of penetration for SD.
  4. I too reload and the CF380 was to supplement my Taurus 738. I have been using auto comp with 3.9 grs. pushing Berry 100 gr FN bullets. I hope to try some out this coming week. I have the C9 and a JHP45 and reload for both and it is really fun to keep in the ten zone with all the hi points.
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    I have both .380 and 9, both magazines are interchangeable. This includes 8 and 10 round magazine.