Mag Issue w/ New .380

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  1. bradrob

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    Took my new CF380 to the range tonight. The first (8 rd.) mag went fine. The second (10 rd.) mag had an FTF after feeding two rounds. After dropping the mag, I noticed the rounds were not seated towards the back and were creeping forward (see pics). The pics are a re-creation of what I saw since I forgot to take my cell phone in with me. Every mag after the first had the same issue.

    I was always told to slap the back of the mag in my palm to help seat the rounds, which I do on all my mags by habit. After noticing the issue, when I slapped the mag it just seemed to make it worse.

    I would think pinching the mags towards the middle may do the trick but wanted to get the opinion of those more experienced in this matter.

    Any suggestions?

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  2. MachoMelvin

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    Ok, with the same problem happening with the both magazines, can only mean one thing! Your problem is in your gun NOT the magazines. what are the chances of both magazines going BAD at the same time. I would suggest you take it apart & check the firing pin, maybe bent. Could also be the ejector. After dis-assembling it, CALL MoM. If you call on Monday, call right at 7:00 am. If busy, keep calling. I think after you talk to a tech, they will send you a new firing pin & ejector kit. Even if you are NOT a gunsmith, you can replace both of these in 10 minutes. I have had the same problem with a couple of the CF-380's, no big deal. It is just odd to happen on a brand new gun right out of the box? You weren't dry firing it or anything before shooting it? I have a few 380's myself!

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  3. bradrob

    bradrob Brob62 Member

    Thanks for the comments. I've noticed your quite the prolific collector.

    I did dry fire probably 3 or 4 times after I picked it up yesterday, but I thought that was fine to do on a centerfire?

    So a bent firing pin or bad ejector can cause the issue with the seating of the mags?
  4. MachoMelvin

    MachoMelvin Well-Known Member

    Hi Points use the firing pin & ejector together to eject the empty cartridge.
    NEVER chamber & eject live ammunition in a Hi Point, They have been known to discharge will doing this. always use snap caps.
    Yes, I have come down with the HP disease. I have got it BAD!!!
  5. MachoMelvin

    MachoMelvin Well-Known Member

    Hi Points use the firing pin & ejector together to eject the empty cartridge.
    NEVER chamber & eject live ammunition in a Hi Point, They have been known to discharge while doing this. always use snap caps.
    Yes, I have come down with the HP disease. I have got it BAD!!!
  6. Our 380 mags do the same thing, they go so far forward because they are actually 9mm mags. Does the same thing with my 1911 mags, the next bullet in line is dragged forward. Both the 1911, and the HP function flawlessly.

    The 10 round mags from what I have read take a little longer to break in than the 8 round mags. But if it does not clear up send them back to mom.

    Load the mags, leave them loaded, shoot the gun until it breaks in.
  7. greg_r

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    The 380 will walk forward naturally. That should not be an issue. Ruger and Bersa put a spacer in the back of the magazine when they use 9mm mags in a 380 function. Wish Hi Point would do the same, but again, mine work fine.
  8. bradrob

    bradrob Brob62 Member

    Good to know. So you're saying if there's ever a round chambered, it needs to be shot, never rack the slide to eject? When I dry fire it's always with an empty mag. I've never cycled live ammo and ejected.
  9. cicpup

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    Just don't eject it aggressively and aim away from anything important.
  10. MachoMelvin

    MachoMelvin Well-Known Member

    No, you can rack the slide to eject a last round, if your outside or a place you could safely do so. There has been several HP owners that made it a habit to rack & eject live ammo. Then the "unthinkable" happens.
  11. bradrob

    bradrob Brob62 Member

    So, did either of you guys have issues with double feeds? I had two live rounds visible in the ejector port. I could see if the ejector had issues one live round and the spent casing would be visible. I think that may have happened as well.
  12. Our 380 is my wife's gun, but we both shoot it. We have never had a failure with it. But I loaded the mags and locked the slide back a week before we ever fired it. IMO yours just needs to break in.
  13. bradrob

    bradrob Brob62 Member

    I did load the mags and locked the slide back, but it was only overnight. I'll do that a couple days and then play with snap caps to see if things straighten out.

    Thanks for your help!
  14. bradrob

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    Sent my .380 and mags back to MoM after talking to the "380 Tech" this morning. It should be there by Wednesday of this week. He said he had 7 similar calls before mine.

    I had no trouble getting through, and after leaving a message with the guy who answered the phone, the Tech returned the call within an hour.

    Shipment of the "machined parts" was $10.09 via UPS.
  15. bradrob

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    New Update

    Got my CF380 back from MoM today. They had it 1-1/2 weeks. They sent it back in a new box (I did not ship back in the original box) with all of the original goodies, plus an extra 8 round mag.

    The note inside said "Reamed chamber buffed slide replaced ejector key & spring, firing pin & springs test fired sent extra clip for your troubles".

    Can't wait to get to the range to try it out.

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  16. SWAGA

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    Cool beans, let us know when you've shot it.
  17. bradrob

    bradrob Brob62 Member

    Got to the range tonight with my CF380 Comp after getting it back from MoM. First 50 rounds were flawless (Blazer Brass 95 gr.). After switching to Remington UMC 95 gr., I had a couple FTE/FTF's with one mag. So 100 rounds with a couple hiccups with 1 mag...not bad.

    I meant to keep the target but walked out and forgot it. Very tight groupings low left of center at 7 yards. Very smooth shooting with very minimal recoil. I sure did notice the muzzle flash! One or two more range trips to get it broken in and it should be ready for the wife to try out. It will be her first time shooting.
  18. SWAGA

    SWAGA No longer broke... Lifetime Supporter

    Sounds like you may need to adjust the sights also.

    Or take a look at this:

  19. ArmyScout

    ArmyScout Supporting Member

    I don't have a HP pistol, but I read regularly about mag problems with some of them. I would think by now, HP would have resolved the mag problem so customers do not have to send mags back to mom, or have to fix them themselves. I think it would be a win situation for both the customer and mom.
    Just my .02
  20. bradrob

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    CF380 and C9 Range Trip

    Took off early today and made it to the range. CF380 had 3 or 4 FTE/FTF in 100 rounds but getting better each trip. The C9 ran flawlessly as usual.

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