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  1. About a week ago, on the old board, I ran across a thread where a member posted really good graphics of some carbine mag mods. While they are not exactly what I ended up doing to my mags they are damn close and might help others with similar magazine problems...

    I did save all the graphics but not the entire post... If this gentleman does not repost it in a day or three I'll go ahead and post them and try to B.S. my way through what he posted...

    HINT HINT HINT.... REPOST IT DUDE.. It's good stuff!!!
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    Mag Mod

    Please post. I was just going to ask about "how to". Second time to the range with my C-9 after a good clean & oil and the pistol fires much more smoothly. But still had two feed jams. First time out, it jammed every other mag.

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    if you take the mag apart and fold the last coil (bottom) of the spring onto the second to last spring coil and then reassemble, it will not have anymore feed problems. i saw this on the old site and i didnt do a good job of explaining how the other guy did. as a matter of fact he had visual aids. it was easy though. it took me like 5 min.
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    Mag Mod

    Thanks, I'll try the spring thing.

    Does the mag lips have nothing to do with it?

    Where's a good place to get extra mags?
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    Best and cheapest place is from HP themselves...ProMag is crap and at most gunshows they jack up the price $10, claiming its more expensive than from HP, but dont have to pay shipping so it evens out.
  6. Last time I ordered a mag directlly from Beemiller the cost of the CF380/C9 8rd mag was $18, this included shipping. Give them a call and see what they want for a new mag and if the shipping is still included in the price.

    Local shop's want $20 for an 8rd and $30 for the 10rd mags that fit the CF380 and C9. Seem some shops about $5 higher on each mag, and at the flea market they want $30 a piece because the mags are "hard to find" items.. LMAO!!!! I was like yeah right, thanks but I will order directlly from the company who makes em and pay $18 each.

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    I just got 2 C9/CF380 10 round from Beemiller today in the mail. I ordered them earlier this week.
    $36 for 2, shipped.
    8 round are $15 on the price sheet they sent with the order.
  8. Sorry for the delay....

    If the original poster of these images has already re-posted them.... well dag nabbit they are just good enough to post twice... :roll:

    This first one is of how he has modified his mags to prevent the "tip up" feeding issues...

    This next one illustrates the "tip up" issue many were having....

    This one here shows actual pictures of unmodified and modified mags...

    He also mentioned that easing some of the sharp edges of the magazine body and the follower would be beneficial...

    Here he illustrates how to remove the base from the magazine... Be careful, take your time and don't force anything they will come off it just might take some "finagling"...

    The disassembled magazine

    This illustrates the areas he suggests to "ease"...

    Well.. that's all I've got... Kudos to the original poster for some good pics and graphics...

    Not to detract from all the effort the original poster of the information did to present this information... However, I was able to correct the "tip up" issue with all my carbine mags by using needle nose pliers and adjusting the opening of the "tabs" on the front of the mag to where a 115gr FMJ round will just pass through. I was having all sorts of feed issues with every carbine mag I had and this fixed it on all of them. Although I might try these mods on a mag or 3 to see if they are superior to "my" fix as the tabs are not guaranteed to stay where they are now...
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    Thanks therealsteamer, that's a lot of good info. Thanks to the originator too. My problem has been the back of the round tipping up. Your suggestion of adjusting the front tab makes the most sense for this condition. When I push a round out of the mag by hand, it clears the rear tabs while still being held by the front ones. The back of the round pivots up on the axis of the front tab. It could also be too much spring pressure as thekrnel notes. I'll try the spring first and then the lip adjust. I won't do any grinding or cutting until I get an extra mag. Thanks all.
  10. I now have 11 Hi Point mags total... ten carbine mags and one 8rd mag that came with my C9... For whatever reason my C9 will fire reliably from any of my mags no matter what the positioning of the tabs or condition of the mag for that matter... It is my carbine that has proven to be "finicky" about the mags...

    The tab adjustment that fixed all my mags works, but with the mags designed as they are there is a very good possibility that they can open up with use over time. The physical modification of the mag shows more promise, to me, in that it will also make loading easier. I have found that other dropping the mags. loading is when there is the biggest chance of knocking the tabs out of alignment....
  11. Thanks, as a long time owner and new to mod of my 995, I really do like the help and good ideas.
  12. I'm a new owner and member - Just purchased a C9 and a 10Rd Mag. These instructions are excellent, but I did notice one thing - neither my 8 round mag or the 10 round mag have square ends on the tabs - both are rounded - not quite a much as the modified mags, but they don't have square edges at the front of the tabs- mine are rounded somewhere between the two - Could Hi-Point have modifed the mag design recently?

    I had some feed problems, but the rounds in the mag were pointing upward while in the mag- I adjusted mine so the round was parallel with the top of the tabs, and that seems to have corrected the problem. They look like the diagrama and photo now. It's nice to see photos and know that I did it right..
  13. If anyone would be willing to do the mods to my 4095 mags for me I'd be more than happy to pay for shipping both ways, and a little extra to cover costs/time. Had a few feed problems, and I learned a long time ago that if you don't know 110% what you're doing (which I don't), get someone who does to do it for you. Not something I'd like to DIY, even if it looks like its something I could handle.
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    Weird, i was serching for a totally different gun and i ran into that hi-point mag animation and for some reason it caught my attention.

    Then as i was looking at it, this is a pretty cool post that must of been lost. I think many could get some use out of this old ass post.