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  1. ok....... the answer to this question is NOT "Lose weight you fool".

    On with our countdown......... Went to the woods on Sun for long hike with the guys. Took Betty (the EMP) and used the provided dual mag pouch for spares. The spares bothered my side when I put them in the pouch - by the time I returned from the hike, I had performed open-side surgery on my excess self.

    So... other than the losing weight option - any one have experience with horizontal mag pouches? Any other options?

    I'll sit here in recovery weighting for your response! :lol: :lol:
  2. Not a fan of tactical vests, but what if you took a lightweight vest (denim?) and used an old pair of jeans for material to make mag pockets on the front. Should be able to put 2 - 3 pockets on each side.

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    Perhaps a bandoleer type set would do you better, or a bag on a sling?

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    OK explain to me open pouch or covered pouch Reason I ask is I have an open and a closed pouch the closed is comforables [Bianchi] the open [Gcode] the mags will dig in my sides but as long as it is for short periods I will endure I prefer the closed also as it keeps out water and dirt and such keeps mags clean
  5. I use a nylon double pouch with no problem. The plastic mags you get in with the XD do bother me.