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  1. I was changing out my ammo for my JCP (FMJ to JHP after a range trip) and after the 5th round I could not get any more rounds into the mag. So out of couriousity I tried to put back in the same FMJ rounds that I just took out. Same problem. After trying to load it a few more times, I emptied the mag out and tried to push the follower down with a pencil. It hangs up about the same spot. Ive never had this problem before. Ive always loaded the mag with 10 rounds and never had a problem until now. Also looking at how the rounds are sitting in the mag, the noise of the bottom bullet is draging the side of the mag. I dont think the ammo is the problem becuase Ive used the same brand for the past 200 or so rounds with the same mag.

    I think it might be one of three problems
    1 A burr in the mag that has just became a problem
    2 The angle of the follower has changed
    3 The spring is binding.

    I just wanted to bounce these ideals off of you guys becuase I dont have any expreiance in fixing Hi Point problems. Maybe you all might be able to think of something else.
  2. Or option #4 The spring is broken.

    Take the mag apart and look inside the mag. That's the only way you'll be able to tell what's going on with that mag.

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    #5 foreign debris in the mag. Also +1 to Primal's advice of taking the mag apart.
  4. Im not sure what it was bucause after I put it up for the night I went back this morning and loaded the mag and just ramed it home out of fustration and now its holding 10 rounds again

    How do you take apart a mag for a JCP? I looked at it last night but I couldnt figure it out.
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    the little fingers on the side of the mag base hold the base onto the body. pry them out slightly and it should come apart.