Magazine bumpers.

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by ChickNPicker, Jan 13, 2021.

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    I know this has been discussed before because I found the thread but it was so old the pictures didn't show up.

    Anybody got any write ups on making magazine bumpers for the 995. Why in the world Hi Point made these with out the thicker bottoms is beyond me. I honestly can do it without a write up, but just like seeing others ideas and that's kind of the point of the forum.

    I know LongShot makes them but they seem way over priced to me. And if I can make them I would rather do it and save the money.

    So anybody made any?
  2. Those look like they would add bulk to the magazine. I'm guessing they'll also be more likely to catch on stuff and be a plain PITA.
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    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    I think they are high priced too. A member or 2 made some prototypes blah-blah-blah etc. Never to be seen again.
  4. ChickNPicker

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    Well I will be making some. So stay tuned. Not saying mine will be molds or all that fancy stuff.

    But it will be a cheap and effective way to make them yourself, with minimal tools.
  5. Kirk will be following up asking for you to write an article. You've been warned!
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  6. Rerun

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    Is this something one could use a 3D printer for?

    Inquiring eldar
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    @Rerun Yes, I would think so. Probably would be an awesome way to make them. I've never used one though.

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    Depends on the printer and material. Remember we already had someone claim they were going to do that?. They bEEz gone!

    Nephew made some custom AR trigger guards. Mine broke in half.
  9. Rabidwookie

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    I got some for mine, and haven’t had any problems yet. Quick and easy to install, as well.
  10. Rabidwookie

    Rabidwookie What the Hell was that? Member

    Could design one, make a silicone mold, and make them out of 2 part resin.....
  11. nightshift

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    Try this. Bicycle inner tube. Use more than one layer, if you think you need to. This is on a Red ball 20 Rd .45 ACP magazine.
  12. According to Longshot, their plastic bumpers are attached to the bottom of the magazine using screws which they supply with the bumpers.

    Being the frugal fart that I am, if I were going to make a magazine bumper, I'd get a chuck of rubber from the tread of an old tire, cut it down to size and shape, and drill a couple holes and screw it onto the bottom of the magazine.
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    Just don't use steel-belted. :)

    Peace favor your sword,
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    Studded radial snow tires!!!!
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    NE Utah
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  16. Call 'em Gadsden bumpers.
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  17. JXS

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    I had some rubber add on for 45 mags I super glued on the bottom of my mags that worked out great