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Best way I found is:

Push the follower down about half way....

Insert a pin punch in one of the holes on side of the mag to keep spring in place....

Tip mag over so follower will slid to the lips....

Remove follower and then remove the pin punch and allow spring to come out....

Keep spring from jumping out of the mag with your free hand....

Sit spring aside but keep it in alignment with the mag body, very important because the spring needs to go back in EXACTLLY like it came out of the mag.

Some people pry the plastic floor plate off, but I find the floor plate tabs are brittle and may break easily if you use too much force, this is why I prefer to remove the follower and spring from the top of the mag instead of the bottom.

While you have the follower out go ahead and polish the edges that ride against the mag body with a small file or sand paper. There sould be four tabs left over from the stamping process, get these smooth and the mag will be a lot more reliable and wont have that sticky feel when it is compressed/decompressed.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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