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    I decided to take a series of locally held defensive handgun courses over the next few months.

    My C9 is relatively new...(I've had a Hipoint carbine for some time)...and I've only taken it to the range once to date. It's not my EDC, which is a Colt .380, but I'd like to use a 9mm on the course.

    Incidentally, I called first: The instructor was not a gun snob and, although he's not used a Hipoint himself, he was genuinely interested in seeing it in action during the training.

    One of the recommendations for the course was a plastic or Kydex single or double magazine holder. (I'd prefer the double myself, for the 10 round magazine). I've searched the forum but couldn't find any recent info on any particular models that could be confirmed to work well with the C9 magazines, so I figured I'd ask here first.

    As always, any recommendations would be appreciated.
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    They are varied in design only a bit. Take a mag and go down to a LGS and simply find one that fits. Also, one you like the looks of.

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    NE Utah
    Some 1911 mag holders will work. Try them for size before buying.
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    I was hoping that I could pick something up from Amazon (I still have some unused gift cards :p ) but it looks like best option will be to try and buy.

    Off to the LGS then.
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    ...If there's anything left. They're buying up guns and lining up for permits like mad I hear.
    I guess a little slap in the face with reality can change one's outlook a bit.
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    Based on your advice, I ended up getting this one...

    It needed a small simple modification which involves the removal and/or cutting down of a small rubber bushing that allowed the tension adjustment screw more leeway to grip the C9 magazines. I may fuss with it a little bit more to make it smoother, but it'll do the job good enough for my purposes.

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    I would get plenty of range time in with the C9 before spending money on the class. Make sure it is up to the job. A class before me there was a C9 owner who had lots of jams with his. The instructor (a cop) asked if I had problems with my JHP. He was intrigued with the HP's.
    I own a C9 that was a month old when I got it. I went straight to the range and shot it with 3 types of ammo. The last being Hornady American Gunner +P. No problems.

    BTW HP makes a 10rd mag for these bricks now!
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    I like American Gunner
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    Dat's da plan.

    Honestly, I'd have been happy to take my Colt Government Pocketlite .380 but it's discontinued and mags are not readily available for them anymore outside of EBay and even then, the low capacity would have made it hard to keep up with the couse requirements.

    It's easier and makes more sense to use the C9....assuming it doesn't have too many jams. (BTW, I have a 10 round mag for it. I'll order a couple more if I'm satisfied that it's a reliable shooter.)

    Regarding jams...I had a problem some time ago with my Hipoint carbine. It worked flawlessly at first but started experiencing FTF's later. I couldn't track down the problem until I made the connection that the problem started right after I started using a new Uplala speed loader....I was previously loading the magazine's by hand. Someone mentioned that it's a good idea to whack the base of the magazine after using a speed loader. I haven't had a problem since.

    We'll see. :)

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    I have used an Uplula/Maglula on mine. I can't remember a problem. However when I load the mag by hand I do whack it back a couple of times. Also do a 2 thumb loading. The rounds tend to nose dive, so I push the back of the round down with the other thumb to get it nose up/level. HP sells a "speed loader" for our mags. It's cheap. 2 for $12

    Let me do some research on those Colt mags. I had to track down some hard to find S&W's at one time.

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    Whack it backwards! Seats them to the rear. ;)

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

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    I appreciate the help, but the .380 mags for the Colt Mustang (6 rounds) don't fit the Colt Government Pocketlite (7 round magazine) which, although similar at first glance to the Colt Mustang, is a different horse altogether. (Pun intended :rofl: )

    Truth be told, I like the Pocketlite but it's become something of a collectible over the years and is now worth far more than what I paid for it. I could probably sell it and get a brandy new Walther PPK (I always wanted one) and have change left over, and I'm considering that option. A .380 is my EDC and probably always will be, at least until the Zombie Apocalypse when I won't have to worry about printing anymore. ;) Having an EDC pistol that I can easily get extra mags and accessories for would interest me.

    With that in mind, tracking down magazines for the Pocketlite, which I'll likely sell, isn't worth the expense and effort.

    As an aside, the reason I bought a C9 was because I had a .38 revolver that I didn't use nor care much for, and a straight trade-in value got me a C9 (which I intended to be a stay-at-home weapon) with only a small cash outlay. I also liked the idea of not having to stock three different sizes of ammo, .380 (Colt), 9mm (Carbine) and .38 (revolver) and that I could share magazines with the HiPoint carbine, too...which I heard was possible at the time, but I've since heard that they are not as compatible as all that.

    Bummer. :(
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    OK I think some of those links had PL stuff. Maybe the Government is a different one ? I haven't a clue.