Magazine loaders and fail-to-feed problems

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by menhir, Nov 29, 2014.

  1. menhir

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    The first time I took my 9mm carbine to the range, I fired away to my heart's content without a single problem.

    But I got tired of pressing rounds into the magazine with my thumb, a far easier job on my 7 round .380 capacity pistol than on the 9mm 10 round capacity HiPoint magazine, and bought an UpLula loader. My thumbs have thanked me.

    The first day I used the reloader I had a significant number of fail-to-feed issues. I even posted about it here, thinking that the feed ramp may have needed polishing. I haven't got around to doing that yet. In the meanwhile I read that the position/angle of cartridges in the magazine can sometimes cause loading problems.

    Hmmm...thought I.

    So, could there be a connection?

    I haven't been to the range in a long I haven't had the opportunity to test this out first hand. That will happen eventually.
    In the meantime, I'm curious if anyone has heard of or has had a similar experience.
    If there is a there a cure?
  2. planosteve

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    Make sure you tap the mags several times after loading with the loader. Just whack the back of the mag a few times against any handy solid object. This helps align the rounds in the magazine. Do not use you head unless you are wearing a helmet.:D I do this with all my mags and don''t have any issues.

  3. menhir

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    Well, that sounds like a simple enough solution. :)

    I'll give it a try the next time I'm out at the range.

    I promise not to whack the magazines against my head, even though I'm told it's pretty hard. :p
  4. I tap my mags even when I load them by hand. It does put them in line. And if your ammo is a little old, it helps shake up the powder in the casings in case any moisture got to them. I always wear a helmet myself. Can't afford any more drain bamage then I've already got. Did I just say that out loud?
  5. boicecf

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    I also have a 995TS and have always used a Lula loader that I purchased for my S&W 39 prior to purchasing the carbine and have had no issues...I routinely give ammo boxes a couple of shakes before loading the magazines!!
  6. Stogies

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    I can't see how the loader could cause feed issues with the mags?
  7. Rachgier

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    I think it's more operator error than feeder issue. Whether or not I hand load or use my uplula, I still whack the spine of the mags to "adjust" any misaligned rounds before I insert them in to the firearm. Old habits die hard and all that.
  8. rickm

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    I also tap the back of the mag on the ball of my hand after loading got to be a habit with any mag i load now days even forgot and done it to a revolver once had to reload it the rounds dont stay in the cylinder when u turn it up and tap lol. but was trying to load and talk at same time so was alittle distracted.
  9. fzrspirit

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    Were you using the same type of ammo? It seems that using the same ammo and not polishing the feed ramp would be a good way to test the UpLula loader as the cause.

    Next, I would add that I try to make sure the first round is angled properly to avoid failing to feed that first round after magazine insertion. I may occasionally lift a round up that dives while loading the mag.
  10. menhir

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    Yes, I've been using the same ammo, good ol' Winchester White Box.

    And yes, I agree: Polishing the feed ramp before eliminating the magazine loading procedure would introduce too many variables. I'm not blaming the UpLula either...I bought it because of the good reviews...I'm more that willing to accept that my procedure was flawed instead. The next time I'm at the range I'll load with the UpLula and then slap the magazines and see if that makes a difference. If not, then I'll hand load the magazines as I had done previously, before the feeding problem manifested itself.
    If the problem persists, then I'll consider polishing the feed ramp.

    I've heard about making sure the first round is angled properly, and I'll keep and eye on that, too. I don't recall and feeding problems on the first round though, rather, that it occurred randomly. Still, it's good practice and something I should be aware of.

    To everyone: Thanks to all for the help. It is sincerely appreciated.
    Now I just have to find some time to get out to the range and put this all to the test. :)

    PS: I hope it's not the WWB ammunition. It's readily available here, cheap, and more ammo means more fun and practice. One of the reasons I bought the Hi-Point was it's reputation that it would cycle whatever it's fed. I'm gonna cross my fingers and hope that slapping the magazines around a bit, the easiest solution, works.
  11. Just slap the back of the mag a few times on the palm of your hand. Any rounds that are out of place should seat properly.