Magazine pouches for C9

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  1. Has anyone found a magazine pouch that fits the magazines for the C9? I figure that any single stack magazine pouch would do, but was interested in other member's thoughts on different brands and configurations. Any suggestions and/or photos?

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    I have 2 that fit very well 1 is a G CODE G-A001 Paddle style hard plastic and a nylon Bianchi belt loop type for my belts is also covered and snaps the Gcode is open Bianchi is a size 2

  3. The blackhawk serpa mag holsters fit them well to.

    Just use the sigle stack and they fit just fine. They are tight to. We can get them from work for 12$. Not sure of the best prices bt it is sure not ebay.

  4. I have a Fobus mag holder that doesn't fit C9 mags... :x
  5. What? The one listed above? It is specifically declared to be for Hi-Point C9 magazines, so it should work. I'll find out soon enough: I've already ordered mine. I'll let everyone know how it works out, but I love my Fobus holster for my C9...
  6. oh this is so purchased :mrgreen: now for some more 8rd ags
  7. Ah, thats a different one. The one I have is the 6922 model. It's just a hair too narrow so the mags don't fit. I might be able to modify with a dremel or a rattail file, but, meh...
  8. I got the magazine pouches today in the mail from the EBay link above (that guy is fast!). If anyone is interested, they fit like a glove. The Fobus holster and magazine pouches are the way to go.
  9. So how bout a pic of you wearing them
  10. Since you asked. Here is my gear concealed:


    Here is the mag pouch uncovered:


    Here's the C9 on the other side:


    Here's a close-up of the magazine pouch:


    Here's the package:


    Highly recommended, guys. This is about as professional a rig as you can get...
  11. nice I ordered mine on 1/2 and sill haven't received it yet but I did get my belt slide holster and I have not got my shoulder rig from amazon its been like 2 weeks amazon shipping sux :evil:
  12. 4 days? Lol. It may take an extra day or two. Mine got to me (in Texas) in about a week. That's faster than some places send letters...It's worth the wait, though. The mag pouches fit perfectly.
  13. I hope so when I will be as professional as you serben 8) its not the wait its the fact that I ordered a shoulder rig over a week ago from amazon and I ordered a belt slide holster a few days ago and my belt slide got here first
  14. Lol. Post when you get them.
  15. well I got my package and he sent me another fobus holster so I have emailed him im kinda hacked about it I wanted my mag pouch :twisted:
  16. That sux. I had the U.P.S. guy try to deliver my package last night at about 7:45 p.m., and I missed him. Maybe we're being schemed on by Glock? Lol. Don't worry, it's worth the wait. I'm happy that a major manufacturer is making accessories for my Hi-Point. My Glocks have just about every part on it available after market.
  17. F.Y.I., I went to the range and used the mag pouch for reload practice. It went great. Nice grip for retention, but not enough to slow down the draw. *tip* start with the rear pouch first*
  18. thanks for the tip I just got my shoulder holster today was a PITA to get on and adjusted but I did and now im drilling with reloading and drawing oh and My C9 is completly hidden when I have my jacket on 8)