Magazine questions. difference between 9 and 40?

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    So will 40S&W fit and work well in 9mm mags?
    They look similar in size.
    Reason being: A friend gave my some 9mm HP mags I wondered if they could fit and feed the 40 of my father in laws.

    Good day for me today as my Father-in-law just bought me a Kel-Tec PLR16! though I bought his daughter a 1966 Mustang last month when I could have bought the Kel-Tec peice. BIG GRINS! :D
  2. I doubt that they will fit , and I'm sure that they won't function. This would be a good time to get a 995 for yourself.

  3. The two calibers will not interchange as far as calibers. Are the 9mm mags that you have for the Hi Point pistol or carbine?
  4. Good point: the 9mm carbine mags will work in the pistols, but not vice versa, right?
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    they are pistol mags. :( but hey they were given to me. Now I geusse I need a pistol.
    Thanks guys

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