Magazine Safety- Very stupid and unsafe.

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    We don't have to have mag safeties in FL. My C9 has one. My Carbine doesn't. The C9's mag safety is very easy to disable, and I consider it another attempt to make it hard for me to defend myself.

    Imagine this scenario:

    Your in a gunfight, scared for your life and/or defending those you are responsible to protect. Your adrinaline is pumping, and your fine motor skills have went to shit. You hit the mag release, but you might have one in the chamber. Now what?

    I want to disable it. I can't find a law against it. Am I missing something?
  2. If you are worried about dropping the mag out by accident, put a piece of tape across the bottom and have it go out to one side and folded over so you can grab the tape and rip it open quickly to change mags.

  3. Racked 870

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    I wouldn't say that I'm worried about it, but it happens. The only safety I want active in a gunfight would be my trigger finger. I am very competent with any firearm, autopistol included, and practice reloads on a regular basis, but in a firefight, who knows.

    Thank you for your idea, but I certainly do not want tape across the mag well.

    The question is, is there any reason to leave the mag safety in?
  4. First off, you say that you can't find a law against modifiying your gun in this manner? Have you called your local LEO office and asked someone there about it? I would double check and triple check, to the point of going on the BATF website and searching there as well. Just because there aren't any local laws against it, doesn't mean there aren't any Federal ones out there. Always cover your arse!!!

    Also, I personally wouldn't condone anyone to take out the magazine safety on any firearm, so I ask that if you decide to do this, please do not post how to do it in open forum. If you decide to take out that safety, it's totally on you as an individual to decide.
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    There are many many guns that do this Hi-Point did not come up with it... It also has been going on for a long time. If you make this type of change and someone gets killed by accident with this gun and you get taken into court they will have a field day with this legal or not! :cry:
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    I've heard of this working for someone. Try shaving the mag release button down just a little to make it stick out less. Seems to make it harder to accidently push and thus release the mag. Some guys do this to keep holsters from hitting the release, so maybe it would work for you too.
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    If you are really concerned with popping out the mag in a fire fight, then you are using the wrong type of handgun. You should probably get yourself a wheelgun and a couple of speedloaders.
  8. If anyone is really worried about accidentally dropping the mag then I suggest you work on your grip and do drills... loose grip will cause the gun to move within your hand to some degree, which could easily be affected by caliber aswell...causing your grip to accidentally engage the mag release
    can't get the video to work but look up Todd Jarret on YouTube and you'll see what I'm talking about
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    Even in a good shoot the local Police will take you pistol and do a full function and ballistic test. If they find a safety has been disabled they will document that fact and if the family of the toad finds out that info (And they always do) its just another thing for the suing lawyer to ram down your throat.
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    I'm not a fan of them myself, either, but like Glockman said, if you should have to use your firearm in self defense and the attorney for the family of the "victim" finds out your gun has been modified, that's a bad thing. It's like using using reloads or your own ammo in a self defense gun. Many gun writers state you should only use factory loads, so no one can say that you thought you could do better.
  11. Dude! IF the HP doesn't have the features you want, buy a gun that does. I only say this because I care :) , and because the best advice I have ever been given is if you aren't comfortable using a gun for SD, get rid of it.

    Modifying guns is dangerous because they're engineered to work a certain way. And it will get you sued, and possbly criminally charged, depending on where you live.

    That's like disconnecting the back brakes on your car because you're worried about not being able to slide around a curve if neccessary. :wink:

    When the adrenaline kicks in your motor skills SHOULD take over the operation of the firearm, leaving the mind to process whats going on and what needs to be done next. You should NOT have to be thinking... Oh did I accidentlly push the mag release... Oh did I disengage the safety.. Oh did I accidentally re-engage the safety... Oh did I even chamber a round... etc etc If these thoughts are entering your mind you have not trained enough with your weapon and you SHOULD NOT be depending on that weapon for self defense.

    During a home invasion, late night burglary, things happen pretty fast in the confines of a modest sized home. It's so easy for a wide awak, hopped up on speed burglar to quickly over power a groggy, just woke up home owner and take his/her weapon. A situation like this is where YOU NEED your weapon to have a mag safety feature and allow the mag to drop free of the mag well when the mag release is depressed. I would much rather the perp disarm me of a weapon that CAN NOT be fired than have him take a weapon that can be fired at least once. Something to think about... so think.

  13. I would just toss the bad guy my Heritage 22 revolver and not worry about being shot while bring my HP to bear.

    For those of you who don't know, the Heritage has a safety mechanism on it.
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    Big +1
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    You could shave the mag release button down so much that it is a "bullet button" as seen in Kalifornia guns.

    Meaning the button is depressed and you need to use a bullet (or a tool) to press it and release the magazine.

    It sounds like a legitimate concern to me. If I had that same concern I'd modify the pistol and not think twice about it.

    I bet the mag safety can be easily removed too. Here are the guts:


    Figure out which one is the mag safety and remove it.

    I would worry less about the potential legal ramifications and more about defending your family, but that's just me. I may be a fool.

  16. rodka

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    its not hard to remove ive done it before but thats when i was detail stripping it but i put it back in when i put it together i wouldnt mess with it if i were you, but i see you point sometimes my jcp's mag falls out when i fire and my thumb was no where near the mag release.
  17. Ari

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    Again it is not a good idea to keep a defense gun if one are is not willing to train with it. Training training training.
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    I gave a solid hint above as to how to remove the magazine safety, then I removed it myself.

    After some deliberation I decided to put the magazine safety back in. Here is the scenario:

    A new shooter fires off 7 out of 8 rounds, without counting (or counting incorrectly) and after ejects the empty magazine and assumes the gun is unloaded. Later at home the young shooter is dry firing and practicing when the gun goes off because a round was in the chamber, now a new hole is in the wall, ears are ringing, everyone in the house is freaking out, or much worse - one of them is shot.

    I decided that annoying magazine safety is good after all. I think the above scenario could happen.

    Here is the bad scenario - there is a burglar in the house, the father grabs his Hi-Point pistol and chambers a round, when he sees the burglar he freaks out and accidentally hits the mag release with his thumb just a second before squeezing off a round, but the burglar stabs him because his trigger was blocked by the magazine safety.

    I feel this in an unlikely scenario.

    Furthermore, for home defense you simple can not beat a shotgun:

    You can get an 18" barelled, light weight Police shotgun from SOG for $129:
    user name : sogdealer
    password : ffl0103


    Load it up with Federal 000 buckshot and you'll be ready to defend.

  19. I totally agree as far as home defense. I would use the pistol with no problems, but a good shotty cant be beat

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    I'll sday it out and out clear I am a security guard and I use a C9 in my job I will never modify the weapon due to the fact if you do modify that weapon and I shoot someone, it will go along way in the leagal system if it os original. And anyone who modifies their weapon is a fool! It was DESIGNED that way for a reason!!