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    I have had 3 magazine springs break on me in the last month
    anyone else having this type of problem ?
    I normally leave them fully loaded but after the first two breaking I started to leave them empty till the night before I go shooting
    am I doing it wrong -- any help or ideas
  2. Wow! Either really bad luck, or something else. How much shooting do you do in any given time frame? Your problem sounds kinda unusual..:)

  3. bigfrank330

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    I shoot probably in the area of 2-300 rounds per week
    1 was a 9mm mag
    1 was a 380 mag
    and the last was a 45 mag
    I have in the area of 18 magazines for the Hi points
  4. Talking Hi-Point mags, it could be you just shot them out - worn out. Their mags are not known for being made of the highest priced material or construction. I do love my C9, though! ;)
  5. What wears out a spring is repeated cycles, a quality spring will shorten slightly if it is compressed and remain at that length for a very long time if kept compressed. Keeping a mag loaded does no harm in most designs. If, however, your springs are breaking when compressed, this is an indication there is something wrong with that particular spring. Likely too hard/brittle. I would keep them loaded and get replacements for any spring that breaks, better to do it now than discover it later when ya might really need it to work!
  6. bigfrank330

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    The springs break
    The problem comes up when shooting - if the spring is broke then it does't feed

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    I wouldn't worry myself over that, just call in and ask for some replacement springs, no need to even ship anything in. Might have just been a bad batch of springs. Not really a common problem that you hear about on a regular basis.